GymTalk: Megan Desjardins
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey Ladies Gymnastics fans! 

This is sophomore Megan Desjardins coming to you this week with the latest news on the Centenary Gymnastics team.  This week we have been working hard in the gym to make improvements and prepare for our second landmark day on Sunday. Landmark days are days when the team has to accomplish certain goals. All our hard work really paid off on Sunday.  We were hitting half sets on beam and bars and on floor, we were doing back to back tumbling passes.  Everyone was looking good in the gym and I can definitely tell it’s going to be a great year.

On Saturday, our open gym was cancelled.  However, that didn’t keep us from working out.  We got together as a team and conditioned and ran a mile to get us ready for the mile run on Tuesday morning. This dedication is only making us more prepared for our first meet at LSU.  Also, we had our first recruit this weekend.  It was pretty exciting; we showed her around campus and she got to watch our practice on Sunday. We really enjoyed having her come visit Centenary. 

Bright and early Tuesday morning, we went to the track at Captain Shreve for morning conditioning. We all ran a timed mile to see how much we have improved since the beginning of the year.  Shout out to freshman, Allison Scates for being our fastest runner, she ran her mile in 7 minutes and 13 seconds.  We also had many Ladies improve their time by quite a significant amount including myself, Sylvia Keiter, Robyn Price and Stephanie Strickler!  All of that hard work at the track on Tuesday mornings is really paying off and we are starting to see the benefits in a big way! Overall, the ladies shaved off a lot of time on their mile run and we are definitely getting stronger every day.

I’m looking forward to a great season this year with my amazing team! Tune in next week for more exciting news on your favorite gymnastics team! Go Ladies!