GymTalk: Rachael Satterthwaite
Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey Ladies Fans! This is Rachael comin’ at you with this week’s gymtalk! 

Everybody look out! The Centenary Ladies have started official practice and we are kicking it into over- drive!! Our first day of official practice started on October 13, the day we came back from fall break! Even though we were tired from traveling that day we were all ready to get in the gym and work our way towards full routines!

We had another landmark day Sunday…..this reminds me-shout out to a couple teammates who exceeded the landmark by starting full routines early at Saturday’s practice; Kellie for doing an awesome full floor routine AND one of our seniors Robyn for doing our first full bar routine too! On Sunday we had several more girls make full bar routines, including Stephanie and Allison!  We had a contest on beam to see which group could make the most full beam routines and it ended in a tie!  Overall the 11 beam Ladies made over 30 beam routines Sunday night! We also had some really great twisting vaults Sunday night, with Allison making her Tsuk full for the first time.  It’s only been one week of official practice and we already have girls doing full routines?!?! LSU better watch out for the Ladies, because were coming in HOT!

This week as the Ladies were getting ready for our landmark day, we were looking great! Hannah Dee has been starting to catch her Geingers more consistently every day, and Megan Frazzini is super close to catching hers. Sylvia is becoming so consistent with her Tkatchev, catching them every day! Casie is putting her new dismount combination on the real bars, and all of the floor girls already have their tumbling on to hard mats or are ready to put them there. At this rate, I can’t wait to see what we look like when season starts!!

The Ladies had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at First Baptist Church for their annual Fall Fest! Some Ladies got to work at the water balloon station, some got to work the cake walk, and some girls including myself and Allison, got to work on face painting! These kids were so awesome, two boys came up to Allison and I and said they wanted their face painted like rock stars-so guess what we gave them!? Those boys walked away as proud new members of KISS!! (I hope their parents had fun getting that paint off!) One things for sure though, although we had fun, Allison and I are definitely not going to quit our day jobs! Lucky for us the kids were happy with however their pumpkins and bats turned out! (whew!)

This week the Ladies also received their official practice gear! On one hand it was great to see the freshman’s faces when they saw all the cool stuff we get to wear (yes, even the famous zebra shorts), but it was also bittersweet because it’s the seniors last year to wear the Centenary Ladies gear. Even though there was a little sad moment, it was nothing compared to the excitement everybody felt for putting on the clothes and becoming even more of a C-unit!

I hope you Ladies are getting pumped for this competition season! It’s gonna be inTENse!

Tune in next week for Casie’s gymtalk!

This is Rachie S, signing out.