GymTalk: Christine Langston
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hi Everyone! Christine here this week!

This past week has been full of people pushing hard and getting the work that needs to be done, done! We have had some major strides happen on Bars especially. A shout out to Noel Stubbs, who has been catching shapashes (her major release move on bars) even more consistently and is starting to connect it to her overshoot!

This past Friday we participated in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee’s (SAAC's) Student Athlete Service Week. All week the different athletic teams on campus have been doing community service throughout the Shreveport community. We did ours at the Querbes Park and Recreation Center with the Men's Soccer Team, who is our brother team on campus. There were tons of kids there for after school care and we were able to play some basketball, duck duck goose, football, softball, and some of the boys even did karate when an instructor came in for the last 45 minutes we were there. It was really great to be able to see all of those kids having fun and really enjoying spending time with people who are older than them. Hopefully we can inspire them to continue to work hard at the sport they have chosen, and in school, so that they can go to college as well!

Overall, this week has been a pretty great one for the Ladies! We are starting to put routines together on all of our events, we are twisting some vaults, and starting to come together as a unit! The C-Unit!! Thanks for checking in with us and tune in for next week's Gym Talk with my fellow Senior Tawnee Hadd!

Love you all,

Christine Langston