GymTalk: Tawnee Hadd
Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hey everyone! Tawnee here to give you a little update on how Centenary Gymnastics has been doing this past week! I’m so excited to get to tell you about the AMAZING week the Centenary Gymnastics team had!

This week was full of improvement, and we made some huge leaps. Megan Desjardins (a.k.a. Crazy) became a marvelous bar star this week! She made her healy to straddle back on the competition set, which is something she has never done before! Also, Casie Hood and Ronni Bear put their whole bar routines together, and are becoming bar stars as well!!

Not only did we make huge leaps on bars but other events too! Sylvia Keiter made a full floor routine with all of her passes on the floor! Ronni Bear put her new flight series on the high beam and her new bar dismount on the competition set! Lastly, Stephanie Strickler made her Yurchenko tuck full on to mats on vault!!

Not only did we have an amazing week in the gym but we also had a few activities that were fun! We got to take team pictures Sunday. I personally love picture day! It’s so much fun getting to take so many pictures with your best friends!  We took a couple of really intense team pictures and we also got to do some individual pictures on different events! So keep your eyes out to see them when they are ready!

We only have this week left before our Thanksgiving break!  We are working hard to make all of our goals both in and out of the gym before we leave on Saturday. But we are looking forward going home and/or to a friend’s house to see family and friends and to celebrate the holiday before we head back to school to finish up the semester. We will only have one week of classes and practice when we get back before finals week is upon us; can’t believe we are almost done with this semester already!

We need to give a shout out to our incredible support system here is Shreveport; Marisa and Devon Isles, Lauren Carlton and Cassie Warden who were so generous to come out and help your Ladies get their practice hours in last week-end while our coach was out of town!  Thanks to all of you for your help! We love you all!

Well thanks for tuning in! Check in next week to hear how REMARKABLE your Centenary Ladies are doing! Also be sure to check out our Facebook page; to keep up with more detail of what the Ladies are up to during the week.

All my love!

Tawnee Hadd