GymTalk: The Rookies
Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey Centenary Gymnastics fans! 

This is the Rookies’ first Gym talk as Centenary Ladies and we’re very excited to update you on our Thanksgiving Break and first practice back! This past week we were on Thanksgiving break, and all came back ready to work hard for our upcoming intra-squad this Sunday. Our first practice with the team was the first 2-a-day practice of the year and was full of energy and hard work.

We started the day off with team tumbling. We all came back with fresh legs and had huge tumbling passes. We focused on hitting each pass with great technique and confident landings. Robyn, Tawnee, Ronni, Jordan and Megan D all made big accomplishments by moving their passes from pit to the floor.  As a team we stayed positive and kept the energy high.

On vault we have some girls upgrading their vaults, like Kellie who’s been working more twisting vaults. Our vaults have been getting bigger and bigger as all of our hard work in conditioning over the fall semester has started to kick in!  We are all becoming faster and stronger and it is showing on this event.

After finishing two other events, the team went to the Gold Dome to take ice baths and get treatment. We want to stay strong and healthy so we can remain at our best for our upcoming season.

We went back to the gym to do two more events and finished strong with a plyometric conditioning. Coach Jackie had the first beam rotation warm up and show a competition set. All of the girls were solid and confident while they hit 5 out 6 beam routines! Our beam team has been very consistent these last few weeks hitting routines when they are put into pressure situations.

On bars we’ve been making the final push to get an all 10.0 start value line up. Noel, Stephanie and Jordan all made great strides to get their routines closer to competition ready. At the same time, the other girls are working hard to make their connections and increase consistency.

We have a big week this week in the classroom, with finals only a few days away now! Everyone is making one last push finishing up all of their papers and presentations while trying to get a week of quality training in the gym.  We have next week off of practice so we can focus on our final exams.  The team has worked hard in the classroom this semester and we just have one week to go, then our team will scatter all over the country as they go home to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

On behalf of the team we want to give thanks to our trainers, Stephanie and Zack for all of their hard work, dedication, and patience. Being first year Ladies we are ecstatic about competing for Centenary and can’t wait to see what this season holds.

Thank you all for your support and love!

The Rookies,

Jo, A-Scates, Z, Saxie, and HD