GymTalk: Allison Scates
Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year Centenary gymnastics fans! It’s the start of a new year and the start of an amazing competition season for my teammates and I. Since Saxon’s last Gymtalk, it’s been a very busy week full of big skills and competition preparations.

My name is Allison Scates and I am a freshman on the team. I am currently engineering major and my favorite event is vault. I have had such a great time on Centenary’s team and I can’t wait to keep being a part of it. It was so fun to hang out every day in practice and outside of the gym without any school work; however, it was still a lot of hard work.

New Year’s Day we put our biggest passes on the floor. Megan Frazzini put her routine with two double backs onto the regular floor surface. Robyn, Tawnee, Jordan, and Stephanie (to name just a few) put lots of front rudi’s and doubles on the floor. We are really stepping it up and putting our best foot forward. Practices have been long, but we have had lots of great days like Wednesday’s!

On Friday the team, with some much needed help from the facilities staff, put together the Gold Dome to practice on competition surfaces and get ready for intra-squad on Sunday. I’ll tell you, it takes a long time to set up that huge floor! Saturday we got to practicing on it though, and it was worth it. We did a run through of our meet and it gave us a chance to get a feel for the competition environment. It is great to work on competition surfaces and inside our home turf.  

At our intra-squad on Sunday afternoon we were divided into two teams, maroon and white. It was a fun afternoon full of great routines like Robyn’s bars and Sylvia’s floor routine. We saw many people, such as Hannah, Jordan, and Natalie, give it their best shot and get out of their comfort zone and do an amazing job at what they could do. The competition really showed us where we needed to work harder. Overall it was loud, fun, and a great experience!

It really seems like we are gearing up for an amazing season! With every practice we will become better competitors and hopefully we can start bringing home some titles. We will get there!

I want to thank many people for their help over the break. The first is Coach Jackie, on behalf of the team I want to thank you again for coaching and feeding us over the break. Next, I want to thank the facilities staff for helping us put together the Gold Dome, it was a huge help! Many thanks also to Racheal Satterthwaite and her family for providing out New Year’s Eve party; the gumbo was awesome! Thanks also to Lauren Carlton for making us dinner and Meg Crowley for coming to support us at intra-squad and helping Jackie at practice.

Our unsung hero of the week for last week was Casie Hood! Casie has been working so hard in the gym and has such an awesome attitude! Her hard work will definitely be paying off this season. Congrats Casie. Stay up to date with us as we begin the season, it will be a great one!

Catch you next week for Jordan’s Gymtalk!