GymTalk-Megan Frazzini
Photo by: Mike Willis Images
GymTalk-Megan Frazzini
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey Everyone! My name is Megan Frazzini – or Z is what the team calls me since there are two Megan’s.  I’m a freshman from Aurora, Colorado, majoring in biology and I am really enjoying my biology classes so far.  The Ladies just got back from their tri-meet at Illinois against UW- Eau Claire and the University of Illinois and improved immensely from last weekend’s meet at LSU.

After our meet at LSU we got back into the gym last week and had some productive practices.  We had a great Sunday practice with the entire team where we really focused on getting some numbers in and got some great conditioning and endurance done too.  The rest of the week we of course had to work-out around classes where we are staggered going in and out of the gym.  Sometimes this makes it harder to keep the intensity up because we don’t have our whole team together, but it also gives us more one-on-one time with Coach! 

After a week of solid training we were off to compete at the University of Illinois. It was great to see all of our routines coming together this week. The girls look cleaner and more consistent on all of the events. They went into the meet very prepared and confident.

The Ladies left for Illinois Friday morning and were very excited to see snow on the ground when they landed. I received numerous pictures of random snow covered objects! Before the meet the Ladies left to do visualizations and prepare mentally for the meet.

Centenary Gymnastics placed second behind the University of Illinois. We raised our team score 5.075 points from the LSU meet! This is a great accomplishment and shows how much we are improving each week.

We started off on bars again and the Ladies looked stronger. Sophomore Stephanie Strickler and senior Robyn Price led the team off with great bar routines and were given a 9.625 and 9.65.

Beam warm-up went great, the Ladies were confident after having a great week of practice with a lot of numbers. Junior Sylvia Keiter and senior Tawnee Hadd looked solid on beam. We are very strong on beam and the Ladies do a great job of showing it in practice and in competition. Robyn Price got the highest beam score for us with a 9.6.

Next, the Ladies went to floor. I love the floor routines this year because we have such a wide variety of dance styles and you can see how much everyone loves competing when they get into their routines. Junior Natalie Humbert earned the highest floor score of the year with a 9.625. Our tumbling this year is so powerful and is improving weekly.

After a great week of practice on vault we knew we were ready to compete our amazing vaults. Sophomore Kellie Slater had a nearly perfect vault with a 9.625. All of our vaulters looked powerful and we’re increasing the difficulty of our vaults each week.

After the meet we talked about what we need to do to continue to improve and reach our potential.  So for this week of practice and competition we created three goals: to be more determined, be more unified and to be mentally stronger. We are growing each week as a team and I can’t wait to see how amazing we will be. This weekend as the Ladies travel to Baltimore, MD at Towson University!

Our un-sung hero of the week is Natalie Humbert!  Natalie is just coming back from an injury, and she did such a great job conditioning and staying in shape while she was injured, she was able to jump right back into the line-up this week on 3 events!  Great job Natalie!

Stay tuned next week for GymTalk with sophomore Hannah Dee Smith!

Go Ladies!!  Love, Z