GymTalk-Casie Hood
Photo by: Ed Martinez
GymTalk-Casie Hood
Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey Ladies Gymnastics fans! This is sophomore Casie Hood coming to you this week with the latest news on the Centenary Gymnastics team!

This past week was our bye-week! We had an off weekend free of traveling and competition.

After we got back from Baltimore and touring our Nation’s capitol we got back in the gym to fix our mistakes of the past meet. We are trying to become more of a C-unit when we step out on the meet floor. It is very important that we trust each and every Lady gymnast to do their best when they touch the competition floor. We are working on being more consistent and knowing that every turn counts back in the gym. To do this, we have constantly been working on our determination levels during practice. At the end of each practice we write a number 1-10 that describes our level of determination that day!

During this week of practices we pushed ourselves a lot more physically than we’ve been able to because of traveling. We did a lot more numbers and routines while in the gym, and we also had a chance to really focus on some of the details of our routines.  We are becoming more and more confident and we know this will help us improve for our meet this weekend.

Raising our determination has helped with our progress in the gym! The Ladies now have seven bar routines ready for this weekend; congrats to the new bar stars Jordan Anderson and Christine Langston!  There are two more Ladies working hard to be ready to compete their bar routines as well and are pushing hard to get there. Also this week Sophomore Stephanie Strickler and Freshmen Allison Scates have been landing their yurchenko tucked-fulls on hard mats!

This year we have a lot to live up to after being THIRD IN THE NATION! We are showing so much potential as a team and working hard in the gym. Each and everyday we are doing what it takes and becoming one step closer to being deeper in line ups.

Wish us luck as we take on the Lindenwood Lions and Texas Women’s Pioneers this Sunday at 2 in Denton, Texas.

Tune into next week’s Gym Talk for more exciting news about your Ladies!