GymTalk: Ronni Bear
Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello Centenary gymnastics fans!  It’s Ronni getting you up to date with the most eventful and exciting weekend of the 2014 season so far!  Last weekend your ladies had two meets; our first meet was on Friday and it was Senior night, our second meet was Sunday at TWU!  On Thursday we prepared the Gold Dome for its one and only meet this season, I’m sure it was such a bitter sweet moment for the seniors because it was their last time to set up everything, which is everyone’s favorite part of a home meet.  We would like to give a big thank you to the facilities workers and our brother team for helping us move all the heavy equipment so we could rest our bodies for competition the next day! 

Friday finally arrived and we went to classes that morning with matching outfits and a smile on our face because it was SENIOR NIGHT/ MEET DAY and we couldn’t be more excited!  After our classes we were treated to an amazing lunch cooked by Casie’s Grandma. It was delicious and we can’t thank her enough!  After lunch we all took the short walk to the Gold Dome and arrived at the locker room decorated by our most recent alumni, who did a very good job!  We did our usual routine of getting ready by doing our hair, makeup, tattoos, and dancing around!  When we were finally ready we did our cheers and then we set out to make it the best meet of the season! 

We started on vault and the energy was high, and we kept that energy until the very last routine was finished.  We had our season high of 189.70 and many personal bests.  Megan Desjardins posted a career high of a 9.6 with a flawless beam routine!  Sylvia Keiter had a tri-fecta swinging to a personal best on bars, she also stepped into the beam line-up after a teammate was injured and pulled through with a career high on that event as well, then she went on to hit a powerful floor routine earning another career-high of 9.725.  At the end of the meet we honored our incredible seniors, this was a bittersweet moment because we love these three girls so much and they have made such an impact on the team, it just won’t be the same without them!  The seniors had some memorable moments that night; Christine Langston had a standout bar routine and wrapped up the competition with a floor routine we won’t forget, Tawnee Hadd preformed confidently and flawless as usual while hitting her beam routine, and lastly Robyn Price was the rock of the team Friday night, you saw all of her hard work payoff and she was a solid competitor.  Oh, and to top off Senior Night, Robyn became engaged to former Gents’ baseball player Matt Creamer!  It was the most wonderful surprise and there was not a dry eye in the Dome, we could not be happier for you two!

The weekend was not over yet because we still had a meet Sunday!  So Saturday morning we packed the bus and headed for the mansion.  Coach Jackie and her family hosted the team and our families at a party for the seniors.  We spent the day outside playing cards, getting our hair done by the fabulous Kimberly Hadd, eating great food, and were even treated to a little King cake!  After the party we had a little team meeting and then it was lights out! 

The next morning we woke up and we were at it again!  Meet day rituals were performed like clockwork and we headed off to TWU.  Even though we had already had an eventful weekend, the ladies pulled through making this meet our season-high with a 190.425!! We had so many standout performances this meet with many season and career highs being met.  Sylvia Keiter absolutely killed it again setting career-highs on bars, beam, and floor, while Megan Desjardins set another career high on beam! Other career highs were Stephanie Strickler on vault and floor and Jordan Anderson on floor. It seems as though all of the hard work is paying off for all of the Ladies! 

Stay posted for the next gym talk! 


Warrior Princess