GymTalk: Rachael Satterthwaite
Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hey Ladies fans! This is Rachael Satterthwaite bringing you this week’s Gymtalk!  I am a sophomore on the gymnastics team and I am studying biology in hopes of becoming a chiropractor someday.

After last weekend competing two meets in one weekend (whew!) the ladies were excited to have a weekend off; this gave us a chance to work on the little details which will make our routines that much better! Our goals for the past couple weeks have been to improve each of our routines by .1. When everyone does that, it makes our team score increase by 2 whole points! It’s so exciting to see everyone’s routines become cleaner and become more confident.

Since this week was spring break/Mardi Gras break, the Ladies got some much needed team and bonding time! During the school week we normally have split practices, meaning the Ladies go into the gym and leave the gym at different times each day. Because of this we don’t get to have full team work-outs very often during the season. So having this week off school gives us a chance to get into the gym together and really work on coming together as a team.  We had a lot of team assignments the last few days; one of the favorites was the bars and beam teams forming an alliance to finish their assignment together!  It was really fun to alternate between the events and watch the pressure build from one group to the next as they got closer and closer to completing the assigned task.

Since it is Mardi Gras week, some of the ladies got to experience their very first Mardi Gras in Shreveport! The team had a fun day Saturday hanging out in Shreve and experiencing the big Mardi Gras parade! We have also been having most of our meals at the Love Shack (Jackie’s house) since the cafeteria is closed this week, along with having team “parties”-painting nails, etc. All of these little things are bringing us much closer together and creating an even more confident team!

This weekend the Ladies will be traveling to Kentucky to compete in one of our final competitions before Conference! We are focusing on keeping up with the determination and hard work these last few weeks of the regular season, with only 2 meets left before our conference championship. The Ladies are looking to continue to improve every time out! Stay tuned for next week’s Gymtalk!

Thanks for all of your support Ladies fans!

Rachael Satterthwaite