GymTalk: Seniors
Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome back Centenary gymnastics fans!

We are so excited to inform you about all the fun and exciting things that have been happening on campus! And as SENIORS!!!! We brought in the year by welcoming our new teammates, who we refer to as “The Rookies”, at Presidents Convocation. This is where we took our first team picture!! Afterwards we went to our “Booster’s” house for a team dinner and get together. Come to find out, our very own Coach Jackie and her husband Dan the Man bought a house in Louisiana!! They are officially Louisianans with their very own Lake Shack!! We played a lot of fun games and it was a great bonding experience for the team. Taking pictures together as seniors was really weird…but definitely exciting! Something we’ve been looking forward to for 3 years!

We had our first class last Friday as a team bright and early at 6 am! Even though it was so early and most of the world was sleeping, everyone brought their A-game and was ready to work! We worked on a lot of basics to get the feel of the gym and also to get used to balancing school and gymnastics again. Next we met on the track to condition where everyone was working extremely hard, you could tell by the sweat dripping down their faces. We did everything from running a mile and sprinting to running stadiums.

Last week we continued our hard work by going to our open gym practices after and sometimes in between classes. Though open gym is more relaxed than our team practices, that doesn’t slow anyone down. We are all still working very hard because we are on a mission to kick it and take names this year! We are so happy to say that all of our “knee girls” are back in action!! It was a tough and winding road for them and it’s wonderful to have them back healthy!! On top of having our injured girls back, the team is really meshing together, which is awesome to see so early on in the season. We see big things happening this year!


Until next time,

Your seniors – Natalie, Noel, and Sylvia