GymTalk: Casie Hood
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hey Ladies Gymnastics fans! This is Junior Casie Hood coming to you this week with the latest news on the Centenary Gymnastics team that I know you are all dying to hear!

So far, this year has been a blast getting to know and welcoming all of our new rookies. Freshman Ashley White and Kaity Mussio and sophomore transfer Taylor Le Moal are our new comers this year. We are back into the ‘swing’ of having open gyms and classes, and are getting back into the balance of class, open gym, conditioning, and study hall all at the same time.

Our team has had the opportunity to do some fun things together already this fall; we attended a leadership conference on campus and learned so much about getting closer as a team and how to be better leaders both individually and all together. We also learned more about each other as the activities when on through out the day. We did some volunteer work at the annual book bazaar here on campus, which is always a fun day getting to know people in the community. We have had a few recruits here on campus and are looking forward to more as the fall semester progresses! 

We have had some great classes in the gym and have had a few for the history books! We progressed so much in such a short period of time; over the last few weekends we have had numerous accomplishments from all of the Ladies. Here are a few highlights. Ronni Bear, Megan Frazzini, Natalie Humbert, and Kellie Slater who all had surgery this past year have started getting back to work in the gym. Ronni working hard on bars and getting back her major turning skills, Z mastering “the back handspring swing down” on the high beam, Nat Attack starting to feel more comfortable with her in-bar release again and Big Kell started series on the high beam and began tumbling and vaulting again. Sophomore Allison Scates has been showing off all of her hard work over the summer this weekend; she was amazing her teammates with every turn she took, by killing it on all four events! Junior Megan Desjardins conquered her in-bar release for the first time with no mat over the bar. Shout out to Freshman Ashley White for not missing a single Jaeger all week.  And there is so much more…….Way to go Ladies!

We have also had our annual sister reveal. We did a scramble through campus Friday night on a scavenger hunt, starting at Jones Rice Soccer Field with a clue leading us to the Sub, the Rockwall and through Cline. Waiting in the fish bowl were the matching socks reveling their sisters. The rookies were so excited to finally get their big sisters!

On Thursday mornings our class meets for cardio. We took the streets of Shreveport by storm as we ran ups and downs and ins and outs of Centenary Blvd. We also know we need to be doing conditioning on our own to be ready for official practice to start so on Tuesday afternoon Noel lead us in a heavy leg workout in the fit. We cheered each other on as they pushed through every sprint, squat, and wall sit. Wednesday afternoon conditioning was lead by Megan Desjardins and me. We also met in the fit, but this time for a heavy upper body workout. During conditioning, our main focus is always to keep pushing no matter what!

One of our slogans for the year is to “Train Insane or Remain the Same!” stay tuned as we attack this years goal! Thanks for reading!

XoXo, Show Case