GymTalk: Taylor Le Moal
Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hi Centenary gymnastics fans! I am Taylor Le Moal, a transfer sophomore from Rutgers University. I am really excited to get our competition season started! I hope y’all have had a happy holiday and great New Year. After a short break at home, spent relaxing with family, as well as training, we are back on campus and ready to train for our first meet.

We have set goals and for ourselves and for our team, and created benchmarks to help us achieve our goals. Our practices have been intense, as we work towards achieving our goals and preparing for the3 first meet. We have started putting our tumbling passes onto the floor, and have started working on making it through our routines, as well as making sure our routines are consistent, and with good form. This Sunday we had an intrasquad on bars and floor; it was a good way to prepare for this week’s competition, and to make sure everyone in lineup is ready to compete.

Along with the grueling workouts, our team has also spent a lot of time together forming a strong bond. We had our New Year’s Eve celebration at Coach Jackie’s house; we ate dinner, had a Secret Santa exchange, and watched the ball drop. The Secret Santa exchange was fun, and it was interesting to guess who had each other for Secret Santa. After we all guessed our Secret Santas, Natalie gave us gifts to prepare for our upcoming trip to Alaska.  Coach Jackie gave us gym bags with our names on them, matching team shirts and pink socks for our pink meets, and a TV for our new team locker room. On our first day off since we have been back, we decorated the new team locker room. It was once an unused classroom, but it now looks so much better! We brought in a brand new TV, a big, comfy couch, decorations, and painted the Centenary “C” on the wall.  After we finished decorating, we watched the Tennessee- Iowa bowl game together. After the bowl game, we went to cheer on the Centenary Gents basketball team in the Gold Dome. It was an exciting game, and it went into overtime. Even though the Gents lost, it was fun supporting another Centenary athletic team alongside my teammates. After practice the next day, we went to Coach Jackie’s house for some yummy turkey enchiladas. While there, we recorded ourselves reciting one of our Core Covenants (mine was “Fire at School”), and we memorized a quote as a team. “To succeed as a player, as a leader, as a team, you’ve got to be committed…You’ve got to be willing to pay the price of success. That’s a great big chunk of what teamwork is all about: commitment. Being committed to each other. Being committed to winning. Being committed to a dream. Commitment makes it happen,” - Pat Williams. Finally, we watched the basketball boys avenge their loss with a 62-54 victory over Colorado College. It was a lot of fun to see the boys come out victorious and even more enjoyable watching the game alongside my teammates.

I am counting down the days until my first meet as a Centenary Lady. Throughout the year, our team has been working our hardest in order to be the best competitors we can be. I am excited to see all of our hard work turn into success; “This is the team. Now is the time”. I know we have an awesome team, and feel this meet will be our time to shine!

Go Centenary Ladies!