GymTalk: Sylvia Keiter
Monday, January 26, 2015

Hi Centenary Gymnastics fans! This is Sylvia coming to tell you the latest news from your favorite ladies!

This week was considered an “off week” because we didn’t have a meet this weekend, but don’t think for a second we slowed down. This was our chance to work extra hard on all the small details in our routines. We are at that point in the year where making routines isn’t as hard and now we can start thinking about how to make them better.

I am so excited to share that our very own Saxon Reaux is making her way into the floor lineup! Being out a year seems like it would make gymnastics tough, but when you are watching her it’s as if she hasn’t skipped a beat. Noel, Kellie, Allison and Ashley have been working extra hard to twist their vaults on hard mats. Their hard work is paying off and pretty soon we’ll have four higher difficulty vaults.

It’s so cool to see our team coming together and doing it for each other and not just for ourselves. Be on the lookout for this awesome team because we’ve got fire in our eyes and we can’t stop, won’t stop until we’ve given everything we’ve got!

Thanks for reading!