GymTalk: Natalie Humbert
Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hey Ladies fans! This is Natalie here, coming to you with our latest gym talk! We just got back to campus from our quad meet today against TWU, Towson and San Jose State.  I am so excited to tell you the ladies made some GREAT strides today!! Not only did we increase our team score by about four points since our last meet at Illinois, but there were also many awesome individual accomplishments as well.

Starting with floor, sophomore Saxon Reaux made it into the line-up for the first time and it was so great to see all of her hard work pay off out there! Moving on to vault, we had Noel, Kellie, and Ashley all twist on the competition surface for the first time this season! They have been working so hard on increasing their difficulty on vault, however it’s always hard to make the transition from practice to the competition floor where the landing can be much less forgiving; so it was really exciting to see them go all out and get some experience under their belts. Next we went to bars, where seniors Sylvia and Noel led the team by nailing both of their routines! Noel also had increased her difficulty on bars this week so we were all jumping up and down and screaming so loud when she landed! We then finished on beam with some great scores brought in by Sylvia, Megan Desjardins, and Kellie.

In preparation for this meet the upperclassman had a meeting together and then with the whole team trying to strategize and get a game plan going so we could compete up to our potential and start getting closer to reaching our goals for this season. Once we all got on the same page and ended the meeting with a group hug, we were all fired up and ready to go. We finished the week with some great practices leading up to the competition where we would compete at our home away from home.  

All in all I think this meet served as a huge confidence booster going into our next meet which is in our very own Gold Dome, Friday, February 6 at 5:30 pm.  It is our pink meet (breast cancer awareness) so wear pink and support all the Ladies! Make sure you guys stay tuned in! Thank you for all the love and support!!