Tennis opens 2015 slate at Belhaven
Thursday, February 5, 2015

SHREVEPORT, La. – The Centenary tennis teams return to action on Friday, Feb. 6 as they travel to Belhaven University for matches at 4 p.m.

“I’m excited to be here. The challenge is good, but the kids have been great,” said head coach Jeffrey Herr. “The mindset is wide open. I’m not sure of the strength 1-6 of the other teams. We are pretty balanced 1-6. My understanding is there is a big drop off after the first two or three spots, but we are pretty balance throughout. We are going to get our match legs going with the more matches we play. I think the air is pretty confident and we’ll find out pretty quick.”

Centenary returns three on the men’s side along with four newcomers. On the women’s side, four netters return from last season with one new face.

“We have a variety of talent out there some pretty good players, some younger that are out there every day to improve their court skills and they are getting better,” Herr said. “We need time on the courts to get better. Right now we just need to get our better players out there.”

Katie Cornwell, Katelyn Alexander and Celia Sobelman provide the leadership and experience on the women’s side. While Andrew Borel and Anthony McMaster return for the Gents.

“Our balance is pretty good. I like what we are doing out there. Katie Cornwell, Kaitlyn Alexander and Celia Sobelman are all pretty good. It’s a pretty steady balance and we are pretty equal through the lineup on both sides” Herr stated. “Katie and Katelyn each bring a different dynamic to the team. Together they bring a lot of experience to the court to the younger players. They are committed. The other players know they are going to be there to lead. They are both team captains and they organize events for the team such as team dinners and other things. Andrew Borel is a real team player. He has been there quite a bit. I always look to him for team leadership.”

With the start of the season, the resurfacing of the Centenary tennis courts has brought an extra level of excitement to the two teams.

“One thing with courts like that, kids look to it and it attracts them. They are beautiful courts. It’ll be a terrific place to play,” Herr commented. “For Division III players, it’ll be a great attraction and selling point that I’ll use. Our kids really like the pure bounce and comes off really smooth.”

Centenary opens its 2015 home slate on Friday, Feb. 27 against Jacksonville College.