Six-time Ironman World Champion teaches clinic at Centenary, continues great summer for Ladies triathlon
Centenary's women's triathlon head coach Kyle Joplin (left) and six-time World Ironman Triathlon World Champion David Scott (right).
Six-time Ironman World Champion teaches clinic at Centenary, continues great summer for Ladies triathlon
Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SHREVEPORT, LA – It has been quite the summer for Shreveport-Bossier and the sport of triathlon.

It began in June with Centenary College announcing the addition of women’s triathlon as a varsity sport. Shortly after, the River City communities found out that Dave Scott, a six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, would be teaching a clinic at Centenary. If the 35th annual River Cities Triathlon this past weekend was not exciting enough, Louise Smyth, a Centenary College graduate, captured the women’s title.

According to Kyle Joplin, the first coach of the women’s triathlon program at the College, all of this turned out to be excellent timing for the Ladies program.

“We have been working on adding women’s triathlon as a sport at Centenary since December, and Dave coming to Shreveport has been in the works since about the same time,” explained Joplin. “It was great that shortly after we announced that Centenary was adding women’s triathlon, we also announced that a World Champion was going to teach a clinic on our campus. The River Cities Triathlon, in its 35th year, is a big event for the community. A Centenary graduate winning the title makes everything that much more remarkable.”

Scott, who spoke at a dinner on Saturday night and participated in the triathlon Sunday, kicked off the weekend with a clinic on the campus in Kilpatrick Auditorium on Friday morning with approximately 40 participants. The attendees included both teenagers and adults.

After the clinic, Scott talked about the importance of the NCAA classifying women’s triathlon as an emerging sport, and also commented on the significance of Centenary choosing to add triathlon at the varsity level.

“With the classification, funding from the NCAA will bring more women into triathlon, as well as athletes into the sport at a younger age,” said Scott. “Having an NCAA sport in triathlon and having it here at Centenary is awesome.”

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