Kellie Slater provides this weeks Gym Talk
Senior Kellie Slater brings us the latest edition of Gym Talk!
Kellie Slater provides this weeks Gym Talk
Monday, October 19, 2015

Hey Ladies Gymnastics Fans!

            It’s senior Kellie Slater here to bring you an update on your favorite team. We had fall break this past weekend, and the school days seem to be getting longer and longer, but we are all working hard to get some last minute schoolwork done. Even though the books seem to be piling up, it hasn’t stopped us from working hard both in and out of the gym! We’ve been going to the track for conditioning and I’m so proud to say we have all passed our mile run test and don’t have to do it anymore! Of all the years I’ve been here, I don’t think we’ve ever had everyone on the team make it. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a hardworking and dedicated group of Ladies.

We have had some really fun times as we have been waiting for our first practice. We have been working really hard to get ready for our preseason practices. Through a few practices, we are already starting to see more twisting vaults as well as full bar and beam routines. I know we are all excited to see what this season has in store, and so far, I believe we are more ready than ever. We are having theme day practices this fall so be on the lookout for pictures of all our theme days on Facebook!

We love doing anything team building and bonding so we have been playing some games which is always a good time, especially because we are competitive and get really into winning. We had our team retreat this past weekend, and it was amazing. It was a great weekend of quality time, goal setting, and fun for your ladies so stay tuned for our next Gym Talk to hear all about it!