Senior Casie Hood checks in with this week's Gym Talk
Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hey Centenary Ladies Gymnastics Fans! This is senior Casie Hood with this week’s Gym Talk!


On Friday of last week, we went over to Coach Jackie’s house for a fun Halloween themed dinner! Coach Jackie’s lovely sisters, who prepared the delicious meal for us, were our special guests for the evening. The menu included: guacamole coming from a jack-o-lantern’s mouth, bloody fingers made out of bread sticks, googley-eyed meatballs and spaghetti, and orange cake balls for desert! In addition to that, we had the inaugural Centenary Ladies’ dinner theatre. Each class had a week to prepare a skit that embodied our team culture or goals in some way. First up were the freshmen. They sang their own Centenary Ladies rendition of “Breaking Free” from High School Musical that brought me to tears! Next up were the sophomores, since there are only two of them, Kaity and Ashley switched roles and portrayed each other. They acted out when they first met and different scenarios in the gym that had us all laughing. The juniors had a talk show themed skit entitled “The Vault,” where they asked us interactive questions about the team and even imitated each coach! Last but not least, we preformed our very own version of Cinderella! It was equipped with costume changes and gymnastics related props. We had so much fun doing it! It’s always fun getting to do something new with your teammates and coaches!

Even though we had Halloween off from practice, we woke up early on Saturday morning for an awesome work out at the Fitness Center! It is always so remarkable and inspiring when everyone gives it their all, and we are pushing each other past our limits to get better and better with every work out. As season is quickly approaching, we are starting to put together some full sets on each event! Shout out to the floor roars that put together full sets this week! Even bigger shout out to Big Al for moving her double pike to the floor and catching five geingers in one day! Allison also put together a full bar routine this week along with sophomore Ashley White and Freshman Tavia Smith! Bar star Noel Stubbs connected a Shaposh to Higgins, way to go Noey! Shout out to Liz for flipping some layouts onto mats into the pit and killing the beam game! Congrats to Vanessa for getting off of her crutches this week and is starting to walk around pain free! You are always working so hard in the gym keep it up V Baby!!

To close out the week, it was the day we’ve all been waiting for and one of my favorite days of the year: picture day!!!


We have been practicing and helping each other chose our poses all week long to prepare for our few seconds of fame in front of the camera. On Sunday morning we all met at Neil Johnson Photography Studio to take individual, class, and team pictures. It is so much fun watching everyone get all dolled up and pose for the camera. It is also the first time for the freshmen, being in a competition leotard, which is also so exciting. It just puts us in the mood for season even more!  

At the beginning of this upcoming week we will be pushing really hard to polish and put routines together for our very first intrasquad this Sunday!! So stay tuned!!

Hope you all have a fabulous week and thanks for tuning in,