Junior Taylor Le Moal provides the post-intrasquad Gym Talk!
Thursday, December 10, 2015

This is Taylor Le Moal reporting in and I want to say hey, what’s up, hello to all of the Centenary gymnastics fans! This week was very busy, because it was the last week before prep week, which is the week before finals where it seems everything is due. But it was also an exciting week in the gym, because we were all preparing for our big intrasquad on Sunday.

This intrasquad was different from our normal intrasquads for two reasons. We have a large team this season, so instead of just having the top six people on each event compete, we split up the team into two teams and went head to head. This created a fun team rivalry, and throughout the week prior to the intrasquad, we trained extra hard to compete our best against our rival team. Also, instead of using official gymnastics scoring to decide which team won, we created a points system in order to prioritize what we wanted to focus on (hit routines, hit handstands, and stuck landings). We were still judged by official gymnastics judges, but their scores did not count. The judges’ function was to act as a mentor, and point out what judges will be looking for during a competition.

Intrasquad day was a lot of fun! It felt like a regular meet because there were two squads and we alternated showing our routines, which is what happens during a regular dual meet. My team (Team Black) started on vault (because Kellie won the coin toss) and Team Maroon started on bars, and then we switched. Kaity Mussio competed for the first time in her collegiate career, and performed a beautiful bar routine! Allison Scates competed her Gienger on bars for the first time, and nailed it. We competed many twisting vaults, which is great- especially this early in the season. At halftime, Team Black was down by 6 points, but we focused on making the second half great. Beam and floor went well for both teams- almost everyone on both team hit their routines! Shoutout to Megan Desjardins for a beautiful hit beam routine and Stephanie Strickler for competing a great floor routine after coming back from injury.

The intrasquad was great in many ways. We were able to compete ten people on every event but floor, which shows how much depth we have on our team. We were able to effectively use our mental choreography to focus ourselves when we were nervous during our routines. And no matter whether we were on Team Maroon or Team Black, we cheered our hearts out for every person who competed- because at the end of the day, we are all on team Centenary.

So which team won the meet, the bragging rights and the best prize of all- getting out of a day of conditioning? Team Black! It was a really close meet with the final result of 69-68, and everyone competed well! I can’t wait for season to start, and if we continue getting better and compete like we did, we will do great!

In non-intrasquad news, we did another pool workout, which was a lot of fun, and we picked out our Secret Santa. It is going to be fun trying to guess who has who, and I can’t wait to find out who my Secret Santa is during our team Christmas/ New Year’s Eve party later on in December.

Please wish our team luck during prep week and finals week!

Until next time,