Freshman Mackenzie Packer Provides This Week's Gym Talk
Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hey there Centenary Ladies and Gent fans! This is freshman Mackenzie Packer bringing you this week’s Gym Talk.

This past weekend, we didn’t travel far, just a few hours down the road to Texas Woman’s University. This is always a good time because it means the entire team is together on the sidelines the whole way. The spirit and energy of the team is always 100 times higher when we are all together, cheering and working alongside those in line ups.

Following a rough experience in Wisconsin, we were all ready to get back into the gym and continue fighting for every tenth as we looked towards the next competition. With four days of practice, the Ladies picked it up in the gym, making it through a very tough week of workouts full of routine after routine after routine. Our confidence grew as we hit in practice, and were prepared to hit in competition. We relied on the strength of our team to come together and get pumped up for the Pink Out meet ahead of us. The hours before the meet were filled with some fun team bonding as we made the journey to TWU. We arrived full of excitement and desire.

We started off on bars, known to be the event to hold us back, we had some mistakes here and there but there were also improvements sprinkled throughout our line-up. Despite these mistakes, Seniors Noel Stubbs and Ronni Bear carried us through the rough start with strong routines in order to keep our attitudes positive for the next event. First time in line up during the 2016 season, Ronni Bear showed determination and strength throughout her clean routine. The Ladies picked it up as we carried on to the next event. Vault, an event we have been strong on this season, went fairly well as we walked away with multiple career and season highs, as well as top place finishes. Season highs include Freshman Tavia Smith with a 9.4, Sophomore Ashley White with a 9.775 landing her with a first place finish, Junior Taylor Le Moal with a 9.5, and Senior Kellie Slater with a 9.65. Senior Megan Desjardins also finished with a career high score of a 9.325. We carried our fight into the third rotation, floor. Our floor routines were clean and huge as we showed everyone how we can kill floor with our unique dance and consistent tumbling. The Ladies walked away with two top place finishes, Freshman Navia Jordan placing third with a 9.725, and Sophomore Ashley White finishing first with a 9.775. Following a decent floor rotation, the Ladies went into their final rotation for the night, our favorite event, beam. Although not as strong as we have been before, we still ended on a strong note taking a third place finish for freshman Navia Jordan. Walking away with our heads high, the Ladies put up a good fight this past weekend against the TWU Pioneers, and have returned to prepare for our next competition against SEMO this upcoming weekend. Despite the struggle shown throughout this season, the Ladies have stayed strong, committed, and continue to show how they plan to push through the storm until the very end. As Aspen Hattley mentioned before, it has continued to be seen that these young ladies grow each and every week as we strive for greatness in and outside of the gym, and we couldn’t be more proud! We continue to carry onto the next with a greater focus on what we need to do to make every turn count and work together to do the best we can as a team, especially coming down to our final meets. As we travel to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, this Thursday to go up against SEMO, and hope you all tune in next week to see how we did. We thank you for your support of the Centenary Ladies Gymnastics Team!

Go Ladies!

Mackenzie Packer