Thank You - National STUDENT-Athlete Day
Wednesday, April 6, 2016

 Dear Ladies and Gents of Centenary College,


Today, as we celebrate National STUDENT-Athlete Appreciation Day and NCAA Division III Week, we want to take an opportunity to acknowledge all that you do to represent our College. We are excited to continue to play a part in your dreams to succeed both academically and athletically. Your accomplishments both on and off the courts and fields, fall directly in line with part of our Athletic Department Purpose Statement, to assist in providing a comprehensive educational experience allowing student-athletes to pursue their passion and find their potential to learn and grow.

YOU are a college athlete. Unless someone has lived it, they cannot fully grasp the daily dedication that is required to excel both in the classroom and in your chosen sport. You made a decision to be a Division III student-athlete, committing your collegiate career to an emphasis of excellence in academia and the courts, fields, pools, and courses. Your time commitments and time management have been stretched.

You are the ones that wake up to train in the Pit of the Fitness Center, the Gold Dome, or outside on the fields, while others are sleeping. You are the ones that choose to study, while your suitemates enjoy social time. You are the ones that when you have a choice to hit snooze, you choose to attack the day. You are the ones, that when your coach tells you that we have one more of anything to do, who put on a smile and represent the Ladies and Gents with all you have.

We are proud of your academic, leadership, and service achievements. A remarkable 35 of you earned a 4.0 GPA in the Fall Semester. You are earning your way into graduate schools for Accounting, Law, Medicine, and Physical Therapy among others at a great pace. You are Ambassadors, officers in Student Government and many Student Organizations, and you participate in roughly 1,000 community service hours per year. While the awards, rankings, and championships are great, one of the biggest honors we have is watching you walk across the stage in the Gold Dome with a diploma in hand.

Within the Ladies and Gents programs, on our campus, and in the community, we hope that you feel you are encouraged and appreciated every day. Our bigger hope is that you continue to grow and develop academically, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually as you prepare for an amazing lifetime in front of you. Your road to greatness will not be perfect, but it will marked by the ability to overcome adversity and failure, which you have had your bouts with as a student-athlete.

So as we take a moment to reflect on you and your accomplishments, we say thank you. Thank you for the commitment that you make each day you wake up. Thank you for representing Centenary College as Ladies and Gents!


“He who is only an athlete is too crude, too vulgar, too much a savage. He who is a scholar only is too soft. The ideal citizen is the scholar athlete, the man of thought and the man of action.” – Plato

Go Ladies! Go Gents! Centenary Proud…




Centenary Athletic Administration