Our Two Gymnastic All-Americans Provide the Final 2016 Gym Talk!
Monday, April 18, 2016

Hello Fans! It has been a busy few weeks, I competed at the NCAA Regional championships in Iowa City the weekend of April 2nd and then turned around to leave for our Collegiate National Championships just 2 days later.       


The NCAA Regional Championships was one of the most tremendous and wonderful experiences I have ever had as collegiate gymnast! I was able to compete alongside some of the best teams and gymnasts in the country which made it a very exciting weekend.  Since I was the only gymnast representing Centenary, I had the opportunity of competing alongside The University of Arkansas, and they made my competition experience much sweeter. Their team cheered for me throughout the meet and kept me motivated to compete up to my potential! They even did all the board and mat moving for me! I was really thankful to have a team like them because I was able to share in their energy, and also encourage them while competing! I hope to compete alongside them again in the future!

            As for the competition, I started on the floor exercise! The team competed first, so as an individual all-around gymnast, I competed after the team. However, that did not keep me from competing to the best of my ability! Even though some of the scoring was rather tough, I was excited to be there and represent my college. I received a 9.675 on floor, 9.675 on vault, a 9.725 on bars, and an unfortunate 8.825 on beam. I did take a fall off the balance beam, and while I was disappointed, I was happy to be there and have the opportunity to compete at the NCAA Regional Competition. Also, what I kept in mind throughout the meet was my teammates and how far we have all come this season. From the 6 A.M. conditioning at the track to the hardcore routines we had to make, the sweat and tears, it was all in preparation for our season, and I wanted to compete for them. They have taught me so much this season about how we need to stick together no matter what, and we successfully did that. We are more bonded than we were in pre-season, and I was proud to go out there and represent my Ladies!

            I was also the only DIII athlete out on the floor, and I can honestly say, I am proud I went out there as a DIII athlete because III is just a number. There is no significance in that number in college gymnastics. The gymnasts putting in the time and effort at the gym, and in their studies at school, is where the significance is found.

            Overall, I was extremely proud to represent Centenary and my teammates! I can’t wait to do it again next year and this time, it’ll be much sweeter!



Hey everyone! Freshman Navia Jordan here with our last gym talk covering our Collegiate National Championship week!

This past week our qualifying Ladies headed off to St. Charles, Missouri, to compete at the USAG National Championships. Sophomore Ashley White competed in the all-around as one of only three gymnasts who qualified to compete in all four events. Senior Noel Stubbs competed on vault, bars, and beam, and senior Kellie Slater competed on vault and floor. Both senior Megan Desjardins and I competed on beam and floor. It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to share it with such great teammates.

Shout out to Noel Stubbs for performing her bar routine including her new shaposh bar release, the routine was absolutely phenomenal and I am so glad your hard work paid off! Awesome job to Megan Desjardins for nailing yet another beam routine; you’re the ultimate beam queen! Also, shout out to Kellie Slater for shaking things up and competing her sky high double back this weekend. Keep slaying the game Big Kel! And finally, kudos to Ashley White for killing it in the all-around and qualifying with me to event finals on day three!

As a freshman, going to nationals seems surreal, but I can honestly say this experience was made even better by the people I was with. There’s nothing like having your teammates around for a fun packed weekend. After competing in day 1 of our three day weekend, we took a trip to the Saint Louis Zoo with our families and got to see all sorts of animals. From cute little monkeys to huge elephants and hippos! To continue the fun, we made our way to watch the team finals of the national championships which included Brown, Seattle Pacific, Bridgeport, and Lindenwood, who won the team finals and their second national title. Special congratulations are due to Centenary alumn, Natalie Humbert, who is the GA at Lindenwood, on becoming a natty champ! Way to go!

Finally day three rolled around, Ash and I got up and ready to compete on our qualified events. I qualified for floor after scoring my career high of a 9.9! It was such a great moment to see my score and feel completely overjoyed. It will always be something I look back on and remember all the fun I had giggling through my routine. Ashley qualified for vault and beam, and as always, killed it! I’m so glad we got to share this experience; I look forward to bringing this experience back and sharing our motivation with our current and future teammates. It will be our goal to share this experience next year with all of them!

This weekend is definitely something I will always remember and I can’t wait for the years to come!

To all our fans, family and friends, thank you for all of your love and support. We hope we have made you proud. Until next year….

“Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.”

Yours Truly,

Navi J.