The Gents and Ladies Need Your Support!
Monday, May 16, 2016

Calling all faculty, staff, fans and students: Centenary College and our famed nickname, the Gents and Ladies, needs your support. The Gents and Ladies advanced to a 32-team nickname bracket “that honors those who have thought outside the moniker box.”

The tournament was assembled by Sports Illustrated’s Campus Rush. In the first round, the Gents and Ladies battle the Saint Joseph’s College Monks. The college who receives the most votes by Wednesday at 2 p.m. CDT will advance to take on either the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs or the Franklin & Marshall Diplomats.

The history of the Centenary athletics nickname "Gentlemen" is quite unique. First established in the fall of 1921 by then-Centenary President George Sexton, it seems the football team had been in a fight the previous game, and Sexton sat the team down before the next game and told the players, "...from now on, you will all act like Gentlemen."

With the majority of Centenary men also soldiers, the moniker "Gentlemen" or "Gents" was a logical choice. A tongue-in-cheek account that first mentioned the new nickname appeared in the 1923 Yoncopin (Centenary’s yearbook) in the football summary.

"...there was some doubt on the eve of the first game. Reports from the Marshall (Texas) camp had them recruiting from the boiler factories and we were made to believe that the Marshall team was coming to Shreveport to mop-up with the 'Gentlemen.' Well, we put on our best manners, but just couldn't help running up a 77-0 score..."

The nickname has stuck ever since, and it was natural to call the women’s teams the "Ladies" when the school began women’s sports in the 1960’s.

We need all the support we can get. Please go to the “West Region” site and show us how all the Gents and Ladies are #CentenaryProud.