Junior Kaity Mussio Provides this Week's Weekly Gym Update!
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello everyone!


Welcome to this week’s Gym Talk! I am junior Kaity Mussio, and I am so excited to share with you an update on our team. We have had a great week of open gyms and conditioning as a team. We have continued to focus on basics and base skills at open gym, as well as progressing and working skills for routines. We have seen some great gymnastics from all of our first year gymnasts, which is so exciting! Shout-out to Kendall Arasmith for catching her Tkatchev on the double rail! We’re also excited to see some huge vaults from Cami Bea Austin and to see Evelyn Harris improving her beautiful overshoots on bars! Delia Ardoin has been rocking the beam with her new series and kudos to Olivia Hirsch for her dynamic and powerful floor passes, including a front double full! We are so proud of our first year Ladies for their successful transition into college and killing it in the gym. Now, a HUGE shout-out to the entire team for getting stronger in conditioning and on their gymnastics! We have teammates making a strong comeback from injuries, and it is very inspiring to see their growing strength and confidence as they return to full gymnastics.

Our Tuesday, pool workouts are a highlight of our team conditioning sessions. Though we have varying levels of swimming skills on the team, senior Allison Scates (who is a certified lifeguard!) always leads us in productive workouts for everyone. This week junior Ashley White and senior Taylor Le Moal led a great circuit conditioning session in the Gold Dome weight room. We have the mindset the stronger and more fit we are in the fall, the more prepared we will be when January comes. The excitement, work ethic and determination within this team is promising. The future is so bright! I cannot wait for the rest of preseason, official practices, and spending more time together having fun!

We are looking forward to having recruits visit and stay with us this weekend, and bringing in a new generation of Centenary gymnasts! We have so many things to look forward to, so make sure to stay tuned! Thank you for reading Gym Talk this week! I love this team, and I believe in the power of what we can accomplish together. Our first competition is January 14, in Knoxville, Tennessee, and our first home competition is January 27 at 6 pm against Air Force! Thank you endlessly for your support of our team!

Peace, love and Centenary Gymnastics,