Senior Allison Scates Provides Gym Talk after the First Competition!
Friday, January 20, 2017

Hello Centenary Gymnastics Fans!

This is senior Allison Scate,s bringing the first gym talk since the start of season! Wow, I can’t believe my last first meet has already come and gone. It’s so bitter-sweet – I am so excited for senior season, but I never want it to end. I am so glad I get to show off my years of hard work and do this alongside such an incredibly talented group of teammates and friends. I can feel in my bones how amazing this season is going to be for me and my team. I am so thankful that we have made it to this point with all the enthusiasm and energy we started with at the beginning of the year.

My teammates have worked so diligently and with so much commitment in pre-season that when we left Shreveport for Knoxville, Tennessee, we were so excited to get our feet wet. Our first meet was a quad meet with Temple University, Illinois State University and University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. This type of meet is so fun because it has such a loud, competitive, and vibrant atmosphere. This was also a club gymnastics meet, so there were a lot of little gymnasts watching their role models perform their routines. One of my favorite memories from this season will be when we were walking on the way to the arena and a team of young gymnasts stopped us to take a picture. We felt like such celebrities!  I hope at the meet we inspired them to chase their dreams of college gymnastics.

We started the meet on the right foot not counting any falls on vault! Those who competed included Kendall, Evelyn, Tavia, Ashely, Taylor, and me. Next, we moved to bars where Kendall, Aspen, Evelyn, and Mackenzie did great and hit their routines. I also got to see my sister compete bars for the first time in two years due to recovering from her injury; we finally got both Scates competing together for the Ladies! I am proud of Tavia for throwing her new shaposh release move for the first time in a meet setting. I finished the line up by finally performing and hitting my new routine! We will be adding new big skills into our bars lineup from here on out, which will make us a team to watch on bars this year, but it was needed practice in a meet setting for the Bar Stars.

Beam was exciting due to almost a whole new lineup change from last year. Only Ashley and Tavia competed on beam last year.  At this meet, we had Elizabeth, Delia, Tavia, Ashely, Evelyn, Kendall, and me competing. Although the beam team had several falls, they are ones we will learn and improve upon. I am so proud of Tavia, Evelyn, and Ashley for making their routines. It’s a lot of pressure to make their beam routine at the first meet, and they handled it well. Delia did a great routine that was beautifully performed. Jackie even said the little girl helping flash the score turned to the judges and said “her beam routine was so pretty” after Dee saluted. Everyone was so excited to see Liz back on the beam after only competing once at our first meet last year.  She has come so far and is such a humble fighter. She won’t brag on herself, so I will! She has worked so hard and through so much pain to get where she is now. I am so happy my gym-sister was back competing at the first meet. Kendall’s routine was full of composure and her routine was beautiful as well.

Floor was where the excitement hit its maximum point of the meet. We are still learning all the dance moves to our teammate’s floor routines so we can dance along on the side with them, but we will get that down as we do more routines going into the next meet. The Floor Roars were Cami, Navia, Tavia, Ashely, Evelyn, Olivia, and Taylor. While we are still working on controlling our skills and there were a few new passes thrown in: our routines were performed very well. From watching my teammates, you could tell how much work we had put into showing off our dance. Tavia danced harder than I had ever seen her, and I really enjoyed watching her compete! Our biggest Floor Roars of the night were Evelyn and Olivia. Olivia had the biggest smile on her face the whole time she was competing her routine. You could tell that she was beaming with happiness and thoroughly enjoying the moment. Her tumbling soared high, and she performed so well to earn a first place on floor! I am so happy to see her do so well. A big shout out goes to Evelyn for competing her first meet of college gymnastics in the all-around and making all of her routines. That is a big thing to do at your first meet. She showed how strong of a competitor she is and showed us all how we should treat the pressure of a meet; not anything but 14 pounds per square inch.

This was our first of our many adventures this year while traveling and competing, and I am beyond excited for the many more to come. I know we are going to go up and up and up from here. We are a strong team with amazing chemistry. We work hard, compete hard, and laugh hard. I expect and believe in great things from this team this year, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds!


Allison Scates