A Quick Recap from the Seniors, Freshmen, and Junior Allison White in this Week's Gym Talk!
Friday, April 7, 2017

Note: 10 Centenary Gymnasts will compete in two sessions tonight at the USA Gymnastics championships at Seattle Pacific in Seattle, Washington. Session 1 Live Updates | Video. Session 2 Live Updates | Video.


Hello Centenary gymnastics fans, we have been busy preparing for our championship meets, so we have some updates for you.  First up its seniors Taylor Le Moal and Allison Scates with their final Gym Talk:

This week was our Midwest Independent Conference Championship meet, and we were very excited to compete at this meet. This week at practice, we practiced bars and beam in the Gold Dome. It’s nice to be able to practice our routines in a competition setting, and for us, get to do gymnastics in the Gold Dome one last time. We had strong practices the whole week, focusing on doing our routines to the best of our ability.

                We spent Thursday traveling to Chicago. On Friday morning, we toured the city- stopping at the Bean and walking and shopping the Magnificent Mile. Since it was Saint Patrick’s Day, some of the team even got shamrock Mardi Gras beads, so it was fun to have a little bit of Louisiana in Chicago. It is always fun to be able to tour places all over the country with our teammates.  We then had a great practice day in the UIC Pavilion, where the meet was being held. It was great to be able to practice in the place where we were going to compete the next day, because we can get used to the equipment and have the confidence to come into meet day strong. We then had two hours to change out of our leotards and into dresses for the banquet, and it was quite the transformation! Everyone looked so pretty! The banquet was fun. They honored the Midwest Independent Conference scholar athletes, and Centenary was represented strong by our team! Houry Gebeshian, who competed in the Rio Olympics, made a very inspiring speech about putting in hard work and finding your true passion. It was very exciting to hear from an Olympian! After the banquet, we stayed an extra half hour taking pictures with our teammates. We may have taken an excessive amount of pictures, but  it’s not every day we look so cute and not in athletic wear!

                Saturday was meet day! We were all very excited to compete, but we had to wait a little while longer because our first rotation was a bye rotation, meaning we had to sit and wait while the other teams competed. We finally got to start on floor, and our Floor Roars started us out strong. We then went to vault, and our Vault Shakers did great. Props to Ashley (who received Second Team All -Conference on vault), Taylor, and Allison for getting season highs on vault and Aspen for tying her career high! After another bye, we went to bars, and our Bars Stars swung so powerfully! We then ended the meet on beam and our Beam Queens were so determined that even a few mistakes didn’t shake them.  Overall, we had a strong meet and scored above a 190!

                On Monday, the qualifiers for USAG Nationals were announced. Congrats to Ashley and Tavia for qualifying for all-around, Cami for qualifying on vault and floor, Aspen and Taylor for qualifying on vault, Allison for qualifying on bars and beam, Evelyn for qualifying on bars, Delia for qualifying on beam, and Navia and Olivia for qualifying on floor. Also a huge shout out to Ashley for qualifying to NCAA Regionals for the all-around for the second time! We are so proud that we are sending a large portion of our team to Nationals and we are happy that we have one more meet left in a Centenary leotard! 

While we may have not qualified as a team for Nationals this year, as seniors, we could not be prouder of what our team has accomplished. We have set so many career highs and learned so many new skills. Beyond the scores, we have also created an amazing team culture and friendships amongst ourselves. We have fought through daily adversities and always came out on top. We worked hard both in and out of the gym. As a result, we have had a great year and one that we will always hold dear in our memories.

Thanks for keeping up with us this season.

With love, Taylor Le Moal and Allison Scates


The fab five freshman; Evelyn, Cami, Kendall, Delia and Olivia, had quite an exciting year, and want to share their experiences with all of you.

Starting off our collegiate career in France, where we ate too much gelato, raced up hundreds of stairs, and did flips in front of the Luxembourg gardens was the just the start of an adventurous year. The Eiffel Tower at night, L’arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysée, Le Sacre Cœur, Notre Dame Cathédrale, the Louvre, and Le Musée D’Orsay are just of the few of the iconic places we got to visit before our first semester even started. It was incredibly easy to make friends with our peers outside of the team because of the quality time spent traveling together and experiencing new places.

            After returning from Paris, we began training at open gyms. First semester freshman year is a little difficult when you’re trying to adjust to a new environment and keep up with school work while dealing with homesickness. Fortunately, there were lots of on-campus activities to attend, such as; soccer games, volleyball games, and brinners (breakfast for dinner).  The team really becomes your family when you let yourself open up and spend more time with the Ladies. We have family dinners in the dorm, with the occasional game night, crawfish boil, and pumpkin carving.

            When competition season rolled around, our lives became even more hectic. Classes paired with labs, two-hour study halls, practice times and travel schedules made doing laundry something you just have to write in your planner. The craziness of it all, however, brought us closer than ever. We continue to joke about the fact that we are living the Thomas Rhett song, Die a Happy Man. We saw the Eiffel Tower at night and the Northern Lights in Alaska. Speaking of Alaska, that was some real family bonding. We rented a house for spring break and did all the touristy things. Since Jackie wouldn't let us ski down the mountain at the Alyeska Ski Resort, we used our jackets and slid around on our buns. We also got to go to the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation center and THERE WERE WOLVES! We also saw a moose chilling in the front yard of someone’s house. (FYI more people die from moose attacks than bear every year). We had a surprising number of relatives who live in Alaska currently who we got to visit as well.

            Once we got back from Alaska, we were gone again almost three days later for another competition. Soon came the plague (that Cami Bea started).. Nearly the whole team was infected. This called for late night runs to pharmacies for Tamiflu. Evelyn and Kendall spent nearly two hours at a Walgreens in Bossier just trying to get our drugs. The very next day, we were on a plane to Chicago for MIC Championships. We had a blast taking on the Windy City and had a photoshoot on the sidewalk near the Chicago Theater. That was our last team meet of the season; we have 10 gymnasts going to USAG Collegiate Nationals in 10 days. It’s lit. Stay tuned.


FRESH LETTUCE signing off one last time!!


And Junior Ashley White reporting on her experiences at NCAA regionals:

Hello Fans! This is Junior Ashley White giving you updates for this week’s Gym Talk!  We have had a great week of practice getting ready for our post season championships. The Ladies have been working so hard and have been continuing to improve!  We are still working on upgrading and adding some surprises into our routines for nationals!  It is so exciting to be working with a group of Ladies who are always striving to improve.  Everyone has had a great attitude about all the hard work the coaches are pushing us to do, and we know we are going to be at our peak when we go to Seattle.

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to compete at my second NCAA Regional Collegiate Gymnastics Competition! It was held in Champaign, Illinois, at the University of Illinois! Overall, I had a better meet this year, and I was pleased to see my hard work pay off!

I had the privilege of rotating with the University of Illinois (the host team). We started on bars and all of us started off well during the first rotation! Next, we went to the balance beam and had one of the best beam rotations! The Illinois Gymnastics Team was so supportive and encouraging, which boosted my excitement and energy for the next two rotations!

We had a “bye” before the third rotation - it’s where two teams sit out and let the other four teams compete on the four other events. There was a total of six teams competing, as well as other individuals like myself. I got to watch one of my favorite teams - UCLA - compete on the floor exercise, and it made my meet so much sweeter! A fun fact about me is my floor music was first performed by a UCLA gymnast (Ariana Berlin) back in 2009! So, watching the UCLA team perform on floor also motivated me to compete up to my potential for the rest of the rotations.

After the “bye,” Illinois and I headed to the floor exercise! After they competed beautifully, I was the last one to compete. As a matter of fact, I was the very last competitor in the 3rd rotation! It was nerve-wracking at first because I had to wait for a while until the head judge waived the green flag at me. What made me more nervous is the UCLA team was in the corner watching me. Even more so, the whole arena was watching me. As I started my floor routine, I knew I had to compete up to my full potential! It was a good floor routine with a few errors here and there, but I came out with one of my highest scores of this competition, and UCLA was cheering for me! THAT was awesome!

We finished on vault, and my performance was a pretty good practice for the USAG national competition next weekend in Seattle, Washington!

Overall, I was honored to receive an invitation to compete at the NCAA Women’s College Gymnastics Regional Competition and represent my school; and, I was the only DIII athlete in the nation to compete at this competition! My teammates were not able to be there to support or even compete with me, but I knew in my heart they were cheering for me from home. Additionally, since I was the only competitor from my school, Illinois gymnastics really made me feel at home and welcomed me and Coach Jackie alongside their team!

Now, I cannot wait to head to Seattle for the USAG National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Competition, and this time, I will be competing alongside my teammates as we individually compete on our events! GO LADIES!