Sophomore Cami Bea Austin Brings this Week's Gym Talk!
Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hey Ladies and Gents! This is sophomore Cami Bea Austin.

This week the Ladies were hard at work preparing for our Maroon vs White intrasquad. Leading up to the intrasquad, Tavia did some nice fulls on vault and Delia caught her jaeger (a bar release). Our freshman, Sierra and Jenny also got their new floor routines! They are so pretty, and I can’t wait to see them perform their roles – each person on floor has a story behind their floor routine! We also were very luck to host two potential Ladies! I hope they enjoyed their time!

Schoolwork work is keeping us busy, especially since we have Thanksgiving break coming up soon followed by finals soon after! We must keep up those good grades to get that 3.5 team GPA or greater! This week, the underclassmen started registering for classes and that is always interesting times! Shoutout to Tavia, Kendall, Delia, Jenny and me for making awesome grades on exams in some of our toughest classes!

The intrasquad was bomb for the Ladies! We were divided into two teams; Maroon and White.  We had judges come to see us, and we also had a special team scoring system in place to help decide the team champions. Coach Jackie and Morgan devised this scoring system to reward the things we have been working so hard on in practice. For example: we received five points for every handstand we got to vertical on bars, five points for a stuck landing on bars and beam, five extra points for twisting our vaults etc... It was a fun night and both teams showed up big! We had a great bar night with 6-out-of-7 making their routines, and beam went particularly well with 11 Ladies showing their amazing routines!  Shout out to Tavia for standing up her layout full vault and shout out to Evelyn and Jenny for standing up their tucked full vaults – I see you coming back from that injury! Also for the vault shakers, shout out to Kendall for her 10.0 vault with Navia and Sierra for making their vault debut!  Everyone looks spectacular! For our Bar Stars, shoutout to Jenny and Sierra on their huge major releases! Keep an eye out for them during the season! For our beam queens; Aspen and Mack both made their beam debut! Also shout out to Jerrica for her excellent double back! The Floor Roars are looking fantastic!

Stay tuned for more exciting news from your Ladies next week as we prepare to head into Thanksgiving break.

Go Ladies! Cami