Gold Dome

Proud Home of: 

Ladies & Gents Basketball, Ladies Volleyball, Ladies Gymnastics 
Team Locker rooms, Athletic Administration, Sports Medicine


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General Information
Capacity: 3,000
Year Constructed: 1970
Renovation Completed: 2011

The geodesic Gold Dome is a unique landmark located just south of the main Centenary campus. The multi-purpose facility has a seating capacity of 3,000 and houses both the Ladies and Gents Basketball teams as well as Ladies Volleyball and Ladies Gymnastics.

With a recent renovation completion in 2011, the Gold Dome features a new hardwood painted floor, new sub-floor electronics and Ethernet, new premium seating, and a new Hi-Fi public address system.

Like the building itself, the floor can be used in multiple ways as the court can be easily converted into two cross court basketball courts, eight volleyball courts, or 16 badminton courts.

Unique features of the 'Dome include indirect lighting and the attractive gold anodized aluminum dome. Housed on the upper level of the Gold Dome are the Centenary Athletic Administration offices, while Sports Information, Sports Medicine, the Wilhite Media Room, Hall of Fame wall, coaching offices and five large carpeted dressing rooms are featured on the lower level.