Shehee Stadium



Proud Home of:

Gents Baseball

For most teams, success on the field is the result of hard work and preparation. At Centenary, the formula is n o different as not only do we receive great efforts from our athletes, but from coaches, administration, and alumni as well. As a result, the Gents baseball program enjoys fine facilities in which to train and compete.

Shehee Stadium has served as the home site for all Centenary baseball contests as far back as written history shows. Originally referred to as Centenary Park, the field was renamed in 2001 in honor of Peyton Shehee. Mr. Shehee and his family graciously donated the funds that allowed Centenary to erect a quality grandstand seating area along with a fully functional press box and sound system.

Various other upgrades and additions have been made to the baseball facilities over the past several years. A physical plant building was transformed in 2000 to house a new locker room and three offices for the baseball coaches and staff. New lighting standards were also erected for improved visibility during evening games.

In 2001, a new building for concessions and restrooms was added next to the playing field to provide a better overall experience for all fans that visit Shehee Stadium.

2002 brought on several upgrades to the field area itself. The chain-link fencing that surrounded the field was replaced with a green slatted fence that vastly improved the overall look of the playing field. The fall of 2002 brought a new outfield fence made of aluminum that replaced a weathered and worn wooden fence.

The upgrades continued in 2003 as an unused space below the grandstands was enclosed and converted into a storage area. Just prior to the 2004 campaign, the dugout area was better secured with the addition of a padded rail-guard that serves as a barrier to prevent fouls balls from entering the dugouts.

With contributions from generous alumni and friends of the college, the Centenary baseball program will look to continue to make a trip to Shehee Stadium an enjoyable experience for all of those involved.