Centenary Dedicates Hal Sutton Golf Performance Center

Centenary Dedicates Hal Sutton Golf Performance Center

SHREVEPORT, La. - It was an exciting day for Centenary athletics and Gents and Ladies golf Friday, October 20, with the unveiling and ribbon cutting of the Hal Sutton Golf Performance Center, located on the second floor of the Fitness Center.

"The Hal Sutton Golf Performance Center is a cutting-edge technical workshop that will allow our golf teams access to technology that few Division III teams enjoy," stated Director of Athletics and Recreation Bob Bunnell. "To have this facility right on our campus, thanks to the generosity of Centenary's greatest golf alumnus, is a wonderful addition to our athletics facilities, and a great tool for Coach Emlyn Aubrey and his men's and women's teams. We are grateful to Hal for his commitment to Centenary and our golf programs.

The performance center will feature a swing analyzer. After a golfer swings, the program can tell you if a shot is steep or shallow, if it hooks or slices, or even how much spin will be on the shot. The user can also play a few holes or even a round at about 15 different golf courses.

Finally, the performance center will feature an indoor putting green.

"We are excited about this project. Obviously it will help our current golfers, but it will also help us in recruiting," said head coach Emlyn Aubrey. "This performance center is a great thing for Centenary to have. I believe no school in the conference has anything like this. Some other teams and players have launch monitors that they can use on the range, but nothing like this. This will greatly benefit Centenary golf this year and for years to come."