Intercollegiate Athletic Department Purpose Statement

Intercollegiate Athletic Department Purpose Statement

Centenary College Ladies and Gents

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at Centenary College is designed to supplement and re-enforce the mission of Centenary College to provide student-athletes, coaches, and staff with opportunities to live, learn, and lead in the 21st century. As the college experience presents both learning and growing opportunities, the athletic department offers sports for students to follow their passion and develop their potential through individual and team sport competition. This learning and growing culminates within the academic setting through attainment of more than just an undergraduate degree, but a broad, liberal arts education. The athletic department is dedicated to provide a program compliant with the NCAA, Southern Colllegiate Athletic Conference, and all affiliate conferences. Members of the department are also value-centered and will conduct themselves ethically, promoting and developing sportsmanship and positive attitudes departmentally, individually, and at each scheduled event.

The objectives of the athletic department include:

  • To provide a comprehensive list of sport programs that appeal to students.
  • To provide a competitive athletic environment for all student-athletes, following the Division III model.
  • To provide trained and competent coaches in all sports, providing proper instruction and direction maximizing the athletic experience for each student-athlete.
  • To provide an athletic program that is a value-added component to the academic mission.
  • To provide an athletic program that offers life skills and challenges for the student-athlete not duplicated in the academic experience.
  • To provide an integrated athletic program that supports the student-athlete in taking responsibility for their career path and personal development.
  • To assist in providing a comprehensive educational experience allowing student-athletes to pursue their passion and find their potential to learn and grow.
  • To promote the culture, heritage, and traditions of Centenary College Athletics.

Revised 6/2011