Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: August Edition

Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: August Edition

Hey Ladies and Gents, it's Cami Bea your now favorite senior. The Ladies are back on campus and ready to start the school year with a bang!  That means that me (Cami) and Dorothy are now in our final year. Sad, I know.

The freshmen all started their collegiate careers by participating with the Centenary in Paris program.  They came back to campus at the beginning of August and were off to Paris, France for their first college course.  They have been back from Paris for over a week and have finished up their course work and are now ready for their first semester.  All the returners are now back from home and their summer adventures.  There were so many exciting things happening over the summer, I will highlight just a few!

Coach Jackie went on an amazing trip to Sweden and Estonia (of the former Soviet Union).  She went to re-connect with her foreign exchange student who lived with her family over 30 years ago. She was having so much fun we were worried she wasn't going to come back!

Here are some other highlights of our summer adventures:

  • Some of the returning Ladies went to visit each other this summer:  Kendall Sanders went to see Xian in Albuquerque, Kendall Knaps went to visit Jenny in Florida and they did the Disney thing, and Dorothy also went to see Jenny for a concert
  • Speaking of Disney, Maddie went as well to see her sister who works there
  • Si-Si went on her first cruise to the Bahama's
  • Rose went to Italy and a cruise to the Greek Islands
  • Kendall Knaps went to the Virgin Islands
  • Kennedy went to San Francisco
  • Lauryn went to Jamaica mon!
  • Taylor Ann went to the Biltmore Mansion
  • And Kendall Huff made the trip over the Pacific to Hawaii


On Saturday we had family dinner at the lake shack. The girls enjoyed going out on the lake and riding jet skis. Also, the ladies enjoyed playing the hand game, teaching cheers, and bonding over Paris experiences. One of our freshman's mom, Kendall huff, made chicken spaghetti and it was delicious, along with our lovely Coach Jackie's famous baked ziti. Momma Lisa got us Nothing Bundt Cakes for desserts. We are so thankful for our parents, they do so much for us. Our now sophomores, Xian, Knaps, and baby got nicknames from Mr. Dan. Xian's nickname is Duke, the two Kendall's have been dubbed Kibbles and Bits (Knaps and Sanders) Each nickname Mr. Dan gives us has a special meaning to him and to the one with the nickname, and everyone is always excited to find out what they are!

It is so great to be back and to see everyone again. All the Ladies are moved in and ready to kill it this semester.  We are just getting started, but I'm so excited for this year and what's coming.



Cami Bea