Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: October 10 Edition

Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: October 10 Edition

Hey Ladies fans! It's K2 back with this week's gym talk!

What a great week it has been both in and out of the gym! Everyone is beginning to settle into the crazy college life as October has arrived. It was a jammed packed week of fun and hard work; so here's a quick recap:

Friday night we all ventured out to the Lake Shack for a night on the bayou and dinner with Coach Jackie and Mr. Dan. It was a very nice evening off, giving us an opportunity to spend time with everyone. We all had fun sitting in the hot tub, dancing, going out on the Jet Skis, and best of all the dessert! Shout out to senior Cami Bea Austin and freshman Madison McCary on reaching their goal of catching those Tkatchevs to make the night possible.

This weekend we had not just one, but two fun events with our team on our calendars. On Saturday the Ladies went on a road trip to Monroe, Louisiana to watch the Memphis Tigers take on ULM. This was a very special event because one of our own gymnasts, Cami Bea Austin, has a brother who plays for Memphis. It was a VERY hot day, but it was so much fun getting to cheer on the Tigers and watch them dominate ULM. We all walked out of the game with some new tan lines, but it was so worth getting to watch Cami's brother make some awesome plays. We got to watch some football, have a day off, take some pictures and meet some of the Memphis team!

We ended the weekend on a high with our last, but amazing, Sunday open gym. We had so many people doing some really big things in the gym. Shout out to Jenny Jackson and Kendall Huff for doing some HUGE vaults on Sunday! (We love vault shakers) … Also shout out to Jerrica Harris for catching her Jaeger on the bars! Everyone is getting more confident in their gymnastics and it is amazing to see everyone's skills finally coming together.

 I am so excited to see where this team will go this upcoming season! We have some great talent this year J Official practice is about to commence, so watch out for these Ladies, they are out to impress!

"This is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them."  - Genesis 11:6

Until next time,

Kendall (K2) Knaps