Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: September Edition

Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: September Edition

Hey Ladies gym fans! This is senior Dot, Dot, Dot coming at ya with this week's gym talk! This past week, our first full week of classes, has been jam-packed with festivities and activities! We kicked off the year with the annual President's Convocation, followed by our first team pictures of the year! This convocation is always a great way to officially kick off the school year: The freshmen are presented in our beautiful Brown Chapel and given their Challenge Coins. These coins are engraved with Centenary's motto, Labor Omnia Vincit, which translates to "Work Conquers All." At the convocation Centenary's President, Dr. Holoman, always provides an inspiring message for the year!

All of my Ladies looked so beautiful dressed up—a rare sight, since we spend most of our time working our butts off, covered in sweat and chalk, or with our noses in the books. The President's Convocation was also the first event that the Maroon Jackets, an honor organization of seniors, works at; I have the privilege of being a part of the 2019-2020 Maroon Jackets and am proud to represent my Ladies through it.

                As the team was getting settled into the routine of classes, we also started getting back into the literal "swing" of things in the gym! We had open gyms together Wednesday and Friday, where we mostly worked basics to get used to the equipment again and for the freshmen to continue getting back into things since their time off in Paris. We also had our first conditionings of the year, including 6 am track practice—bright and early! Running is never fun (to me) but being surrounded by your best friends makes it…tolerable! ��

This weekend was one of R & R—rest and relaxation for most of us! Your Ladies got to sleep in a little bit, watch lots of movies, have some dance parties in our rooms, and just enjoy our time together. We of course, also took advantage of the extra day off (Happy Labor Day!) to get ahead on our studies, but with crazy schedules like ours, we take advantage of any extra rest we can get! Senior Cami Bea took a trip home to watch her "little" brother's football game; University of Memphis vs. Ole Miss. Cami's brother and his Memphis Tigers came away with the W, so it was a successful trip home for Cami!

                We sadly had one missing link this past week: one of our freshmen, Lacey, was back home getting her shoulder fixed. Her surgery went well and she is on the path to recovery and eventually back to gymnastics! We are so happy to have her back on campus now and finally have this year's full team together!

                Thanks for following along with your favorite Ladies! Come back next week to hear about our first 6 am open gym of the year!) and more fun team events. Wish us luck as we head into this week at full speed; studying, flipping, lifting, running and sleeping! Catch ya on the flip side!