Sophomore Sierra Ponder Provides the Halloween Edition of Gym Talk!

Sophomore Sierra Ponder Provides the Halloween Edition of Gym Talk!

Hey Centenary Ladies fans!

This is your sophomore Sierra Ponder coming at you with this week's Gym talk! The Ladies have been killing it in the gym by completing harder assignments and focusing on our studies as our midterm exams have been approaching. Shout out to all of the Ladies for being such fighters over this week and really taking it up a notch.

Tuesday's practice really set us up for a great start to the week. The practice that not only set the tone for what we're really focusing on this year – which is BIG intention, BIG confidence, and BIG heart – but also really opened everyone's eyes to see that we are very capable of doing our best at any given moment. A lot of people have stepped up and led by example for those who are trying to be competitive and this environment can and will help us reach goals together as a team.

Our assignments throughout this week have really been showing us how to efficiently use our time: whether that be getting out of the chalk buckets, setting the boards faster on vault, or just taking as many turns as possible on the event that you are occupying. Shout out to those vault shakers and those beam queens for taking those quality turns so efficiently and working as a team!!! All of our events have been upgraded where our parts have now become required routines, and with the work ethic our Ladies have been making, these routines look easy peasy! Shout out to our freshman Kendall Knaps for her rocking bar dismounts, our junior Dorothy Mims on coming back so strong on bars and beam, and our other freshman Kendall Sanders for doing those amazing twisting vaults!

Not only have practices been better, but also our conditioning has become more intense. On Thursday morning, we had conditioning together as a team led by Coach Jackie and it was amazing to see how much stronger we've gotten. I applaud the Ladies for working so hard at such an early start of the morning, and I know we will continue to keep pushing ourselves to be our best.

Outside of being focused in the gym and performing well in class, the Ladies like to have a little fun. Our Sunday practices have been theme days and this Sunday we dressed up in Halloween costumes. It was cool to see how creative my teammates ideas were, ranging from minion onesies to making costumes from scratch. Shout out to Natalie and Mack Pack for being Phil and Lil from the Rugrats, Cami for being Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, and Xie Pie for being Sulley from Monsters Inc. These were by far the most creative costumes I've ever seen!

This week's beast award went out to freshman Kendall Sanders. She has been showing her determination and drive every day in the gym and in conditioning.  It is showing in her gymnastics, as she continues to add new skills and improve on her execution! She is going to be one to watch!

I am beyond proud of my teammates and excited to see what is in store for us as a team the rest of this season!

:) Si-Si






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