Freshman Xian Baumgartner brings this Week's Gym Talk

Freshman Xian Baumgartner brings this Week's Gym Talk

Hey Centenary Ladies fans, it's your girl Xi Pie here for my first ever Gym Talk!!!

Last week, the Ladies had a phenomenal practice after the homecoming intrasquad. We were pumped after having such a great meet and we came in hungry to keep the "level up" for practice on Sunday! We still had a few alumni and parents hanging around for Sunday's practice and it's always fun to show off for our guests too!

The week before Thanksgiving was filled with new skills and exciting news! We know the time is going quickly as we approach our holiday break times and finals, so the team is really focused on pushing to make those final upgrades to be ready for the beginning of season.

Starting off a big shoutout to my sister Si-Si and Cami B., both of whom are catching their Tkatchev's on bars now!  It's so exciting when things start to click, and they have both been working hard to get to this point. Another big shout out to freshman Kendall Knaps for saying determined, getting closer and closer to catching her Geinger, and for getting closer to putting her new double Arabian dismount onto competition landing mats.

Another huge congratulations to senior Elizabeth Sander for getting accepted into her first choice nursing school this week!! This news is really an inspiration and motivation to keep working hard in school so we can reach our career goals. In other news, all the freshman and junior Cami B. got dazzling yet powerful new music and choreography for their floor routines that we can't wait to show! 

The Ladies were very excited to wrap up a wonderful week of gymnastics, finish up classes and head home to spend time with family and friends for the Thanksgiving break. We are all headed back now to hit it hard for season and finals. We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

Love to all, can't wait to put on my Centenary leotard and compete for my Ladies.




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