The Juniors Chime in with this Week's Gym Talk!

The Juniors Chime in with this Week's Gym Talk!

Hi Ladies and Gents, 


This week's gym talk is from your favorite Juniors, Cami and Dot. First, we want to say congratulations to all the Ladies who made it to nationals: Xi-pie on bars, Cami- beam, floor, and vault, Navi- beam and floor, and Baby Kendall- all around. Tavia also qualified in all-around but sadly won't be able to compete because of injury.  

We are so proud of them and can't wait to watch them kill it at nationals and also to travel one more time together and make memories. This week in the gym for those Ladies has been quick - they had four days off to rest after our amazing performance at our conference meet. Once back in the gym, they have been able to get in, do their assignments and leave. They've been working very hard and have been doing some great gymnastics in practice. We know nationals is going to go well. 

This season has been incredible; so many memories were made, through the struggles and the hardships as well as the huge season highs and crazy adventures! This team couldn't have accomplished what we did this year if we had been without even one of our teammates. Although our team was small, we competed big, lived big, and loved BIG! This team has fought hard in the gym and in the classroom, as shown by the amazing things we have accomplished this year. 

We make so many memories, day in and day out, that it's hard to pick out favorites. The small moments of getting to know each other really build up to create bonds that last a lifetime. Whether it's through our team bonding games and trips, random moments in the gym in hotels when rooming together, games of Would You Rather? during dinner at the airport, or crazy moments of fun, trust, energy, and excitement during meets. 

For a recap of the season for you guys, we rated ourselves on a scale of who's the most to least dramatic. The most dramatic is Jerrica and Navia (they flip flop), they can both tend to over-exagerate about things.  Cami might come in the runner-up position on most dramatic, but she can go for long stretches in between her moments.  For least dramatic, in the gym at least, might be a tie between Liz and Jenny. These two have a great work ethic and are consistent in their ability to come into the gym every day and work towards always improving. Another funny memory was Coach Jackie almost turning onto a one-way street at Mizzou, and of course the drama queens acted like we were about to die, but really we didn't even turn onto the street and no one was coming lol. Another great memory is Jenny doing her floor routine to Aspen's music at our first meet (she's quick on her feet).  This was not intentional mind you, but it turned out pretty well!  

Thank you to Coach Jackie and Mr. Dan (our second mom and dad) for the amazing opportunities you give all of us, the lessons you teach us, and especially, for believing in us so fiercely. Thank you also to Coach Vaughn and Dee for all the time and energy you ladies put in; we loved having y'all in the gym and on the competition floor for extra hands, extra support, and extra fun! Thanks to Coach Mo for just showing up at random times, and jumping right back in there to do whatever we needed. Thank you to our families for everything they've done; finally, thank you to all our Ladies for another amazing year! 

We can't wait for all the incoming freshman to arrive and have the opportunity to make some great memories like we all have. We are excited to get to know all the new girls and work hard to build our team chemistry with a whole new dynamic. We are so excited for next year'team and senior year! We can't imagine a team more passionate or adventurous to top this year's, but we're looking forward to what our next team can bring! 



Cami :) 


Catch ya on the flip side! �� 

Dot Dot Dot 


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