In Preparation for our Final Home Meet of February, Seniors Natalie Scates and Makenzie Packer brings Gym Talk to Catch Us Up on the Season!

In Preparation for our Final Home Meet of February, Seniors Natalie Scates and Makenzie Packer brings Gym Talk to Catch Us Up on the Season!

Note: The Ladies take part in their final meet in three weeks Sunday afternoon, February 3, against Gustavus Adolphus. Live Video can be found here, while Live Updates can be found here


Hello Ladies fans!

We've had quite an exciting week since our last gym talk. This weekend marked our first home meet of the season. YAY! Meets in the Dome are always a fun time, but this weekend was particularly electric.

Our Saturday night meet, we went up against the University of Wisconsin at Eau-Claire, another Division III school.  The meet started out close, but as we finished all our events, your Centenary Ladies pulled far ahead, taking the win with a 188.1 to beat Eau-Claire's 185.725. Some exciting highlights from the meet were Navia and Cami showing new vaults, the overall bars score coming up five points from last weekend, Tavia winning all-around and on bars, and Navia winning on beam and floor, Liz placing third on floor, Kendall Sanders placing second on floor and in the all-around, and Cami placing third on beam.

As the season progresses, we are all eager to see new skills put in, lineups getting more competitive, and routines becoming more consistent. Home meets of course means lots of amazing and supportive parents, without which, we never would have made it where we are. So, thanks parents, for all you let us do! We were also lucky enough to have one of or commits for next year attend the meet.

Also, a HUGE shout-out to the Gents Soccer team and all our wonderful friends that help us set up and tear down the equipment for our meets. We are so blessed to have you.

As we get through this week and head to Texas Women's University this weekend, we are making improvements in the gym every day and, of course, staying on top of all our school work. Thanks for all your support.


Ladies on 3…




Hey y'all, Senior Mackenzie Packer here to bring you this week's gym talk!

After this weekend, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to begin this quick recap, or even how I was going to fit all the amazing things that have taken place since Natalie signed off last week.  Let's just begin with how well practice went in preparation for our first appearance of the season at TWU.

We are continuing to bring the focus and determination needed in order to push each other to be the best we can be. It's amazing watching everyone, and yes I mean everyone, do flips in the gym as we all fight for a chance to show off what we can do. I see incredible attitudes, encouragement, and drive in every single member of this team and it has begun to show through the positive strides seen in our performances each week. I cannot wait to see where it takes us throughout the rest of this year!

As for this past weekend, to start off our adventures in Denton, Texas, we made a pit-stop to the Packer house for dinner before heading to the hotel. Not even five minutes after our arrival we broke out the Mario Kart games and raced to our hearts content until the food was ready. We were able to enjoy a very yummy Italian dinner with two types of pasta, salad, and some delicious bread (unfortunately, we still only got one piece of bread). However, we did get to splurge a little bit with some strawberry shortcake to finish the night off. We always look forward to the time we get to spend with our friends and family as a team, and greatly appreciate ALL the things our parents do for us.

The rest of the weekend was carried out like any other travel meet weekend, as we prepared for our chance to rock Kitty Magee Arena. After a productive week in the gym, we were able to add numerous upgrades to current routines, bringing lots of excitement as they made their debut. Shout out to junior Cami for her absolutely beautiful half on vault, shout out to senior Tavia for her pike front toss on beam after only a week of working it (what a stud!), and finally shout out to freshman Kendall Sanders for her numerous upgrades on floor and bars, you're killing it! We managed to improve our overall team score by almost two points from last weekend with an exciting 189.95, clutching 2nd place in a very exciting quad meet. We celebrated with barbecue and some insomnia cookies (shhhh don't tell Jackie) and then it was back to Shreveport to prepare for another busy week of learning and gymnastics.

After a day of rest, it's time to get back in the gym and continue pushing forward for every tenth in preparation for this upcoming weekend. Good luck to all the Ladies with tests this week, and with that being said, I should get going so I can study! Don't forget to join us this weekend in the Gold Dome for our double meet weekend on Friday night at 6 pm and Sunday afternoon at 2 pm.  Oh, and Friday is pink night; anyone wearing pink will receive one free raffle ticket from the ZETA Ladies.  So show up, be pink, and be loud! Until next week when fellow senior, Aspen, brings you up to speed after our exciting weekend at home!



All the love and appreciation,



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