Junior Cami Bea Austin Provides this Week's Gym Talk!

Junior Cami Bea Austin Provides this Week's Gym Talk!

Hey guys, it's your favorite junior, Cami with this week's gym talk.

The Ladies were back on the road this week after a three week long break with no meets. The break was intended to give the Ladies rest and also add in some upgrades for routines.

We started the week with an intrasquad on Sunday night. Shout out to Si~Si for a beautiful bar routine and also shout out to Tavia for being a wonderful beam queen. We moved on to Monday working on minor details before building back up to routines again, so just some halves and parts of routines. Wednesday and Thursday the Ladies focused on hitting routines and dismounts. Friday we were able to have a mini mock meet to help us get back into the meet day swing of things before traveling on Saturday to Lindenwood.

At Lindenwood, the Ladies started a little rough on bars, but fought hard to bring it back and finish strong on the other three events.  After having a couple weekends off, we just needed to brush the dust off our competition jitters and get back into the swing of things. We had many great moments through-out the day though: Cami competed a t-CATCH-eve in a real meet setting, Dorothy did a beautiful yurchenko pike and a stellar beam routine as she continues to comeback from her ACL injury last year.  We are just happy to see her doing things again – she's really great. Also, shout out to Tavia for a beautifully performed floor routine, and Navia and Xian both for their beautiful beam routines. Such beam queens.

Right after the meet, we headed to the airport to depart for home after a short weekend in St. Charles. We want to make sure we are ready for class on Monday! It was an uneventful trip back home, but always lots of laughter. Love traveling with my Ladies.

This week, we are preparing for our senior night meet on Friday at 6 p.m. at the Gold Dome.  Please come out and watch our seniors compete in a regular season meet for the last time in the Dome. Help us to celebrate them and all they have done for Centenary! 

See ya next time!





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