Freshman Kendall Knaps and Senior Liz Sander Wrap Up the Semester with the Last Two Gym Talks for 2018!

Freshman Kendall Knaps and Senior Liz Sander Wrap Up the Semester with the Last Two Gym Talks for 2018!

Hey Ladies' fans! It's Kendall Knaps (aka K2) here for my first gym talk!


This week, the Ladies have been hard at work both in and out of the gym getting prepared for the season and exams! This week we have focused on getting in the gym and making our turns matter. At this point in the year it is time for us to really focus on becoming consistent with our routines and going for the hit!

With that being said, this week we have had both a bar and beam intrasquad in order to see where we stand! Shout out to Tavia Smith and Cami Bea Austin for hitting those beam routines under pressure! The skills the Ladies have this year are going to be ones you don't want to miss! Over on the bars, I would like to say a big shout out to freshman Kendall Sanders for putting new skills in her bar routine! It is so exciting to see our team starting to perform routines and looking prepared for the season!

As exams approach, the Ladies are going to be put under more and more stress. We are ready for the week approaching and will continue to work hard in the gym while also killing our exams. I want to send some love over to our senior and captain, Aspen Hattley! We love you and thank you for all that you do for our team! The end of the semester is definitely not easy, so I am thankful to have such a great team to fall back on! Christmas break is coming soon and we are all ready for some much needed family time

We are ready! We are Capable! We will succeed!

As I was once told Breathe, Believe, Battle and the rest will follow—

Love all of my ladies and all the ladies fans!

"For god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." - 2 Timothy 1:7

Signing off, K2




Hello Ladies fans!

This is senior Liz Sander with the final Gym Talk of 2018. Your favorite Ladies are right in the middle of serious crunch time in the classroom as this week is our finals week! So be thinking smart thoughts for all of us, and maybe even send your favorite Lady a care package with some good study snacks (@ all Cent Gym parents).

This past Saturday, we had a really fun Christmas practice where Coach Jackie put all of us through Reindeer School. We were paired off into reindeer "teams" and we attend classes on "Learning to Fly" (Floor tumbling), "Prancing Hooves" (Floor dance), "Rooftop Landings" (beam), and "Navigating Stormy Weather" (Bars). Fellow senior Navia Jordan and I took home the gold in the reindeer games for team Blitzen, but we had to have a "beam-off" to determine runner-up. Senior Tavia Smith hit an amazing beam routine to claim second place for her and freshman Kendall Knaps, aka team Dancer! We always have fun getting to do partner assignments, but we had an especially great time in Reindeer School.

Shoutout to sophomore Si-Si Ponder for some awesome bars work this week! Your Ladies have been working really hard in the gym so that we are ready for season when we come back from Christmas break. We have also been working really hard in the Fitness Center during conditioning so that we are in the best shape possible. Shoutout to Ladies Gymnastics alum Lauren Carlton for doing Insanity workouts with us the last couple of weeks, it is always fun to change up our workout routines!

That's all I have for now Ladies Fans, I've got to get back to studying for finals. The Ladies wish you a happy and safe holiday season!



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