Sophomore Sierra Ponder Provides This Week's Gym Talk!

Sophomore Sierra Ponder Provides This Week's Gym Talk!

Hi Centenary Ladies fans! This is your sophomore Sierra Ponder coming at you with this week's Gym Talk!


Before competing in our double meet weekend, including our Senior night with our amazing Señioritas and competing at TWU, we luckily had a full week of just making those slight corrections in our routines in our Gold Dome. I think this was a great way to get back into meet mode while we were able to do routines in the mindset of being in a competition setting. Shout out to those beam queens for hitting their beam routines all in a row on the first try! Consistency and confidence have been things that stuck out to me the most this week with the assignments we've been given and completed so well. Focusing on details now will help us reach our individual and team goals as we go into the end of this season.

For our first meet of the weekend, we were in our Gold Dome. The Señioritas were ecstatic to be competing and had lots of energy. We continued to bring that energy into our competition at every event. We started with a little rough patch on vault, but we bounced back very quickly. From then on we had to make up for the slip ups and it seemed like every person who competed after this event had the "I got you, you got me" mentality – which spread across the team. I've never been more proud of my Ladies for really taking it up a notch. Shout out to those Beam Queens Kendall Sanders, Tavia Smith, and Navia Jordan for gaining career highs on beam. That's what I'm talking about!!! The Floor Roars also had career highs including Cami Bea Austin, Tavia Smith, and Navia Jordan. Way to Go Ladies on ending the night with receiving a big season high.

The Ladies then headed to TWU for our second competition on Sunday. We took this competition as another way of having a celebratory weekend for our Señioritas. We had a fluke incident to start us off on floor but as a team we pulled ourselves together and made every routine really count. So, I'm Shouting out all of the Floor Roars for having that tunnel vision to compete their beautiful routines. After floor we headed to vault and I want to Shout out Cami Bea Austin for receiving a career high with her yurchenko half, it was sky high!!

After this meet, we headed back home and rested for a quick practice week before heading to Philadelphia. We had a very fun weekend and thank you for those who came and supported your Centenary Ladies!


Love Si~Si



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