Junior Dorothy Mims Provides this Week's Gym Talk!

Junior Dorothy Mims Provides this Week's Gym Talk!

After 3 weeks off, Centenary returns to action Sunday afternoon at Lindenwood. Live video is available here



Hey Ladies gym fans! It's Dot, Dot, Dot here with this week's Gym Talk! This past week, our last full week and weekend off of competition before things kick into high gear, started off early and cold in the gym at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning! Throughout the week, your Ladies showed some big upgrades in the gym. Shoutout to sophomore Jenny Jackson for a crazy cool new bar combo, junior Cami Bea Austin's big girl bar routine (love watching that sky-high tCATCHev!!), and sophomore Jerrica Harris's gorgeous Jeagers! Also, I'm so impressed to see freshman Xian Baumgartner's triple series and switch half back on the beam; her gymnastics is always so beautiful to watch!

We also had some fun conditioning during the week! Wednesday afternoon, we got to condition outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. For Thursday afternoon conditioning, we got to learn some fun dances and stretch out with yoga! It's always great to have a break from the usual conditioning, get outside, and have fun dancing with your best friends! ��

If you didn't know it, all of our floor routines (choreographed by the one & only Coach Pepperjack) have stories behind them to help us show them off and have more fun with them. Your Ladies showed up to practice Saturday night in costume to perform all of our routines as our characters! Freshman Kendall Sanders's robber-themed routine was really it for me by her performance Saturday night; if you want to watch her routine or any of the others, and hear us tell a quick tidbit about the stories behind our routines, you can click on this link to view them: https://www.facebook.com/128885187217556/videos/2580515698687683/

(Watching the video until the end is worth it—You can catch a glimpse of the true goofy Ladies and see what really goes on behind the scenes!)

Sunday night at practice we had a full team intrasquad to get back into the meet rhythm. I saw some great fight on bars (bar stars Xian and Si~Si) and some incredible hit beam routines (Tavia was breath-taking)! Si~Si really impressed us by getting back out there on floor after only a week of practice! After that amazing performance, I think it's alright your legs forgot how to work afterwards! ��

Thanks for following along with your favorite Ladies! And thank you to all who voted for our leo last week, which won WCGA's Favorite Leo of the Week! Tune in next week to hear about our adventures on the road as we travel to Lindenwood! Catch ya on the flip side!



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