Hey Centenary Ladies fans it’s your three newcomers here for our final gym talk as Freshies!!!

Hey Centenary Ladies fans it’s your three newcomers here for our final gym talk as Freshies!!!

The #MIChamps19 are about to get underway. Find the championship web site with a link to all results! CHAMPIONSHIP WEB SITE


This week, we are coming off a major weekend for the Ladies as we competed at Mizzou against Michigan and Minnesota. We had a great time competing on a big stage with other Independent Conference Championships (MIC) hosted by Centenary in the Gold Dome. We are all very excited to wrap up the season with the home crowd.

Let's take a look back at the season through the eyes of the freshman…

In August of 2018, the three of us got to campus and moved in and a few days later traveled 4,817 miles across the world to Paris, France. In France, we tried delectable cuisines, flipped in front of the Eiffel tower, and walked the steps Sacre Coeur. Coming back from Paris it was time to buckle down and get into the swing of things (literally lol). Classes were starting and it was time for our first conditioning. It was the first conditioning for us in about a month because of all the traveling we had done before. It took some time, but we were ready to begin our new journey in life of a Lady!

The 6 a.m. practices began and boy those took some getting used to. At the beginning of the season, we had "2 a week" one being a track conditioning and the other being a gym day. Let's just say the first track day in the gym didn't go as planned for me (K2)... an upset stomach the night before lead to leaving a bit of myself at the track, thanks for the trash can Navi (those seniors are always there to help:>).

Practice started and it was time to prove ourselves. It was my time (Xi-Pie) to shine at a beam intersquad. While I wanted to shine, the lights did not; bammmm a chunk of my leg was on the beam and gone straight down to the white meat. You could say it was a series of misfortunate events!

Once practice started and we were all working hard. Some of our favorite practices were the ones where we got to play team games like reindeer battles around Christmas, or fun dice games. These type of practices gave us a change in pace while also bringing out our competitiveness and putting us in pressure situations.

So, finally, season started and our first meet was in Chicago! A big shout out to our friends that drove 12 hours to come and watch our college debut. The Ladies season began and it started at Level one. We knew then it was time to "Level Up".

Our next meet was our first Gold Dome meet day experience! It was so surreal because it was the first time not only to be in the Dome but to show everyone what we were made of! Not only that, but K2's dad was able to sing the national anthem and it was such a special moment. K2 also made a singing debut with Cami Bea at the second home meet of the season! The Ladies made improvements and moved up to Level 2, with the goal of only going up from there! Our season was going great and we were leveling up week by week! Almost every week being a new season high, even reaching a 192. Bringing our team NQS to the highest in eight years!!!

One of our most exciting moments for each of us as freshman was to be able to have our parents see us reach our dream of being collegiate gymnasts.  It took a while for all of us to have that moment, and at our last official home meet in the Dome against Air-Force,  Xi-Pie finally got to compete in front of her momma as a collegiate gymnast.

Reflecting on the 2018-2019 year we have learned how to balance school work, gymnastics, social life and so much more. Things we have learned include; Ladies time, if you're not early you're late, room checks are really important at travel meets and how to help the team in many ways outside of flipping! We also learned you should talk to your friends when you are feeling down or homesick because chances are they are too and a friend always helps you feel better.  We learned that vlogging is a great way to remember funny moments because we're a goofy bunch. We learned when it rains the cline floors get slippery… (we all learned from experience)! We learned there is a ladder you have to dodge while walking up the last flight of stairs (my head still hurts … probably concussed). We learned it is okay to have friends outside of your teammates and that the people you meet in Paris will be your best friends for life. We learned our team is a dramatic, hilarious, singing, dancing, passionate, loving, and hard headed, but probably still concussed bunch, that we have come to love DEEPLY! We learned it is hard to become so close to six people and so soon have to let them move on to new chapters, but we know they will be successful. (Can't wait to be at the wedding even if they are in questionable locations lol @aspen).

Finally we would like to say thank you to all the amazing people that helped us get here today: Coach Jackie, Mr. Dan, Vaughn, Betza, Brent, our friends, our family and last, but never least our crazy teammates. LINK

This is your Freshman Class of 2022 signing out, see you next year!!!

-Baby Ken, Xi-Pie,& Kandy (KXK)


#MIChamps19 Web Site
March 20, 2019 #MIChamps19 Web Site